Trailer of Gu Tianle Liu Qingyun starring science fiction HongKong Action film Warriors of the Future

Here is the Amazing trailer of The Battle of Tomorrow aka warriors of the future starring Chinese Star Gu Tianle Liu Qingyun.  “The Battle of Tomorrow” is a sci-fi movie “The War of Contradictions ” by Gu Tianle the legendary director/producer also known as the big boss.

The film was written by Luo Zhiliang, who described the deterioration of the global environment, the melting of glaciers, the shortage of food and energy, the collapse of the global economy, the lack of maintenance of satellites, and the return of communications technology to the 1970s.

The mysterious robots landed from the bottom of the water and attacked various cities in the world. In order to protect humanity, the world’s major countries formed the “International Peace League” to counter robots.

Director Na yuen fai who has previously worked as a visual effects artist makes his debut.

We at wish the entire team all the very best.”The Battle of Tomorrow” is jointly produced by the mainland’s gravitational media and Gu Tianle’s own Tianxia Cinema Company.





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