Furious 8 director found

The biggest franchise to come out of Universal is set to roll its 8th and hopefully not its final installment. Yes that’s right furious 8 is all set to roll there was a lot of speculation as to who would direct this mammoth franchise and all names were popping up but finally all speculations have been put to rest , low and behold F gary gary the man who made the hard hitting A man Apart that easily can go down in Vin diesels care best performance role is now back with diesel to once again create the magic they created with A man Apart. Gary whos last outing Straight outta Crompton did a wopping 700 million world wide. Is back on the drives seat with the 8th furious film. The last one did a global box office of around 1.4 billion USD can the 8th reach the 2 Billion mark?

Anyways wither it does or does not we at amdb.in are super excited and are eagerly awaiting the release. 14 april 2017

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