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Jack reacher 2 locks a release date

Tom cruise is one of the biggest action stars with some of the best franchise films, MI rogue nation did a staggering 400 mil USD putting him right back to the top. Cruise returns once again with the sequel of jack reacher Jack Reacher 2. The first film in 2012, inspired by author Lee Child’s series created a cult status among action fans and did well enough globally which eventually led to a sequel, sources report that principle photography begins in November 2015

producers from Paramount and Skydance have stamped the film’s release date on October, 2016. Ed Zwick, who last directed Cruise in, The Last Samurai, is directing, and as enthused as he is to helm the film, which will have a similar tone of screenplay as its predecessor.

. Reacher 2 is said to be adapting the eighteenth book in the series, “Never Go Back”, with Reacher resigned to using his cunning and brute force upon returning to his old military base when his dinner date is arrested and he’s mysteriously charged with pummeling a guy and fathering a child.

Cruise is currently working on his latest crime pic, Mena, with Edge Of Tomorrow helmer director Doug Liman, and is also planning the next installment of the Mission: Impossible saga proceeding this year’s successful run of MacQuarrie’s Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation.

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