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Rocky Handsome Review.


Genre         :       Action

Cast            :        John Abraham, Shruti Haasan, Sharad Kelkar

Director     :       Nishikant Kamat

An official remake of the south Korean 2010 super hit THE MAN FROM NO WHERE, Rocky Handsome tells the story of one Kabir Ahlawat (John A) who’s silent reclusive self runs a small time pawn shop. His only friend is an 8 year old troubled fatherless little girl Naomi (diya chalwad), who finds solace in the emotionless Kabir who she affectionately refers to as handsome  . things take a turn when Naomi’s mother (played by Natalia Kaur) a heroin addict steals some samples of Heroin from the dreaded gangster brothers Kevin ( nishikant kamat) and Luke Pereira ( teddy maurya). Luke finds out that it was Ana (kaur) who stole the drugs, he tortures Ana to get her to confess the location , when she tells him she has hidden it in a camera bag that she had pawned to handsome, handsome gets drawn into this whirl pool world. He hands them the camera bag but they drive off with Ana and Naomi, this is when things turn for the worst not for Handsome but for the kidnappers of Naomi, for handsome is clearly not whom we see him to be. Tough, agile , intelligent with a not for a second doubt killer instinct. Who is the real Kabir Ahlawat? And does he manage to save Naomi and her mother makes up for the rest of the story. So first things first the film belongs to John Abraham, he’s literally “the man from no where” from his days in servicing in re diffusion to being a model to becoming a successful star with no backing in the industry he sure has come a long long way. His silent performances, with the eyes doing the talking , shows his evolution as an actor. Rocky Handsome solidifies his place as an Action Star not Hero but STAR. He moves with rhythm and is convincing in his portrait of handling any amount of men put in front of him. Two fists up for JA. The screenplay by Ritesh Shah, is pretty much a direct adaptation of the original with a bit of changes here and there, the play is inconsistent in the pace and could have been a tighter. Nishikant Kamat who has directed JA in force before seems a bit out of his game, and doesn’t handle key scenes with the finesse we have seen in FORCE. The action of the film, I might be a bit early in the day to call it but never the less I am calling it, might be the best of the year. Done by the brilliant talented Jaika Stunt team from Thailand Kecha khamphakdee (the stunt coordinator) has done his best work so far on Indian screen. 2 fists up for him too. Sunil Rodrigues who is the Indian Stunt coordinator does some great rigging and pyro work, 2 fists up for him too. The music of the film is hummable and doesn’t bore you, the recreation of the superhit pop song “tere toh” is the best song of the track and a special mention for Nora Fatehi (the girl in the song) she has a bright future in becoming the next “song specialist’’ in India. coming to the performances, the little child (Diya) she is adorable in her portrayal of a love deprived child. Her chemistry with JA is simply adorable. Sharad Kelkar is intense in performance, A regular on television he delivers what he is called for. Teddy Maurya who plays the crazy Luke Pereira is terrific with his craziness. Honestly I don’t think acting and directing in a film is a good Idea as one is torn between the 2 worlds in terms of thought process and execution, and that clearly is shown in the case of Kamat. The sound designing by Sanjay maurya and Alwin rego is top notch and adds the kick in each action scene. The photography of Shankar

RH_Main Publicity.inddRaman is Average.

Final word- the film belongs to John Abraham, its one of his best work so far, With RH he has solidified his Place as a top Action Star, With A punching and slamming performance. On the whole ROCKY HANDSOME is an out an out Emoaction flick and delivers exactly what its meant to. Lots of emotion and tons of kick ass action. Go catch it for sure.

Review score-  A                                         AMDB’S Rating : A-Excellent || B-Good || C -Average || D-Bad

Disclaimer-  The reviewer is  well respected as an Action connoisseur in global action communities. Amdb (Action movie Data Base) is a site solely designed to review and promote “only” action Films. The reviewer has served as an action consultant to many Action films. He is graduate in advance screen writing. And Above all he know’s what the F he’s talking about.

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