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Review Of Baaghi

Tiger Shiroff made a flying debut with Heropanti directed by Sabbir Khan who was coming off a massive disaster known as kambakt Ishq, with the Indian film Industry’s biggest Star’s Akshay Kumar and Kareena Kapoor. However he made an impressive second innings with Heropanti that instantly got Tiger in the “to look out for “elite group. Tiger, son of Macho Star Jackie Shiroff proved his worth with some well executed dance and action sequences in his first film. However both have failed the second time round With Baaghi A heavily inspired desi version of Karate Kid and raid redemption even some blood sport. The story is that Tiger a rebel is sent by his father to A kalaripayattu grand master to get disciplined, He sees miss Shraddha Kapoor on the train and falls in love with her,  at the same time , the grand master’s son also see’s her and falls for her what a coincidence . Things take a turn when the grand master who is now fond of Tiger, tells his son to back the fuck up and leave the lovers alone. The son tells the old man to go suck a dick and ends up killing him, and scooting with the chick to Bangkok . Tiger sets on a raid like mission to get the love of his life back , who is now stuck on the top of the kidnapper’s building , but (and this is the original part) he has to pass through various floor of Raghav’s (grand master’s son) goons. Can he do the in achievable and tackle  everyone. Firstly to say this film is not inspired by the raid is like saying night is day. Inspiration isn’t bad not giving credit is. However in that film a group of elite commando’s were taking on the goons. Here we got one Lone Ranger , totally believable Sunny Deol could beat up half of Pakistan   so why can’t Tiger tan a few druggies hmmm. Anyways, the story is rather outdated and cliche nothing fresh or exciting . The action is nothing out of the box, Tiger has great potential but is lead down by routine Action Stunts and sequences, Buddy there is only so many flips one can do .The action is done By Keecha of Jaika Stunt team who also did the recently released Rocky Handsome with Action Super Star John Abraham , but this time round their work seems lack luster the editing is loose and the cinematography could be tighter. Te sequences are heavily inspired from Thai Action films specially Tony Jaa’s . Coming to the performances  Shraddha is pretty much the same, but Tiger lets us down his performance don’t carry the scene , I don’t blame him i blame the director  Sabbir Khan who could not extract the performance from his leading man, and has managed a below average Direction job. His action is pretty similar to the 2014 released HeroPanti and i dont see much difference in the approach of the choreography.

South Star S babu is decent, but i guess language barrier has caused him not to explode. Everyone else is average, Sunil Grover is annoying

Final word – The film a average watch, see it if you dont have anything better to do, the running time can get to you but it is summer so beat the heat in the nearest cinema hall. Tiger let’s see you doing some amazing work you can do it.


Review Score- C  



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