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Review of Suicide Squad

The Race for the evolution of Cinematic Experience is on and the front runners for those are Marvel Vs Dc, Disney Vs Warner.Amanda Wallace of Suicide Squad makes a Subtle statement ” the next war is between the mutants on our side, vs the mutants of bad side” That Statement is Actually very true as both Brands Marvel and DC are trying to give the Cine Goer a larger than life experience. However DC seem’s to be on the losing end of that battle.

Captain America Civil war out performed Batman Vs Superman by close to 40% BOG. DC’s Shot of  pegging their Suicide Squad’s Tier three Characters vs Marvel Tier three Guardian’s of the Galaxy might just be a really bad move for DC. Here’s why

Guardian’s offered an escapist  journey that was fun and entertaining. Sadly DC’s Suicide Squad falls pretty badly at doing that.

The film opens a few months after the death of Superman, Amanda Waller a top CIA agent wants to assemble a task force of Captured Meta Humans aka Mutants to fight any threat that might face man kind. She convinces people of the defense that creating “Task Force X” is the right thing to do, they reluctantly agree and she has her squad of Bad guys who she wants to use to fight the worst. In the team is Dead shot , Harley Quinn , El Diablo, Mr Bumarang    & Crocodile Man. All these guys report to Flag a Solider recruited By Waller to head the task force. Soon one of the Squad members Split from the team and becomes their main nemesis out to destroy the world, The Squad assembles to take on the Villain. Can  the bad guys be Earth’s Savior ? See it to know.

From every trailer that appeared it was evident that the Squad was taking on the Joker , however that is far from true. Infact the Joker (Jared leto) for the first time comes across as not Super Evil, but as a weird lover. Why he was their makes no sense.  The film starts of on a promising note but 35 minutes into the film and you fail to make any connect with any character. Dead Shot isn’t even a meta human. The film seems to pick up in the second half but the badly choreographed action sequences make you switch from screen to your i phone. The screenplay is highly in consistent and some scenes seemed to be forced in  to establish Character traits.

Will Smith as dead Shot is strictly average , a fantastic actor gone to waste, Viola Davis as Amanda Waller is fierce and menacing she brings her Character to life . Jai Courtney as Captain Bumarang is a total waste , he’s hardly there in the movie and he’s hardly even needed. Jay Hernendaz as El Diablo is let down by bad Characterization, Jared leto as the Joker is Spot on he brings a new feel to the Character that has been portrayed by so many other fantastic actors before, But the one who steels the Show is Magot Robbie as Harley Quinn She’s Spot on in her role, and brings each Scene to life with her fantastic performance, Carla as the Enchantress is bad ass.   The rest of the cast is just about Average.

The biggest let down of the entire film is Director/Writer David Ayer, the guy who gave us End of Watch and Fury is clearly out of his space with the film. He doesn’t bring any scene together where the audience feels them to be a real team. Even though they are bad guys they don’t convince us of that, and the fail falls on Mr. Ayer’s Gun. Its always tough to right a tentpole , very tough. But with the budget that Mr. Ayer has along with the time , the results of the film is very very low. The editing is Shabby , the action By Patrick Mark is one of the worst seen in a tent pole franchise . The Idea was great the execution Shoddy . Ayer was clearly not hr right choice to direct the film ,and the blame sloely lies on him.

On the Whole Suicide Squad is an Average watch at best , the film is looking at a massive opening in North America and pundits predict the first frame to cross 140 million  domestic , the film will surely fall Wednesday onward. At a 175 million production budget there is no excuse for this outcome.

We at amdb.in wish the entire team all the very best.


Review Score- B 


Disclaimer- The reviewer is well respected as an Action connoisseur in global action communities. Amdb (Action movie Data Base) is a site solely designed to review and promote “only” action Films. The reviewer has served as an action consultant to many Action films. He is graduate in advance screen writing. And Above all he know’s what the F he’s talking about.

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