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Review of Akira

A R Murugadoss is a famous director in South India and has a prefect Strike rate in Bollywood with 2 successful Films below his belt Gajani and Holiday both remakes of South Films. He returns again with another South Remake , this time he pairs up with the Most Commercial Actress of Bollywood Ms. Sonakshi Sinha , will they deliver another Hit on the Box office lets find out.

Akira tells the Story do gooder little Akira who has a belief that being Submissive to evil is actually worse than Evil , whatever it takes no matter what Harm comes to you Fight and become role models for others. An interesting one liner that had the potential of making a riveting tale sadly gets bogged down by a hideous  screenplay that actually dramatically slows the pace of the film .

Young Akira’s Antics of Justice lands her in a juvenile prison , Soon after her release she moves to mumbai with her mother ,  Mumbai is  where life changes completely for Akira, who accidentally finds herself in a totally helpless situation for a ‘crime’ that she was not even a part of . ACP Rane ( Anurag Kashyap) is now hot on Akira’s trailer and is hell bent on proving her mental so to ease all his problems , he successfully manages to prove his claim and gets Akira put in a asylum , Can Akira escape from the Asylum and prove her innocence ?

Akira ‘s Screenplay fires at intervals and Drags in the rest, Murugadoss though a Maverick director cannot do anything with the limitation of the script. The Action of the film, that its marketed as is extremely limited and is very disappointing, Anal Arsu needs to pick up his game, same taking and Bad choreography make the action extremely average. the camera work by R. D. Rajasekhar, ISC   is average the editing is sloppy.

As for performances Sonakshi Sinha Kicks ass as Akira she can easily be labelled as the most “kick Ass” female action star in the biz, though the action is sooo Average she does a fine job she could have found her forte, her action has finesse and style  . Anurag Kashyap is a decent actor and always delivers in whatever role he gets. Good to see Konkana after so long.

On the whole Akira is a just about an average theatrical watch and the limited Action is a big let down for AL’s like my self.

We at amdb.in wish the entire team all the very best


Review Score – B 




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