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Review Of Shivaay

Ajay Devgn is an Actor who has a Strong Attraction for wielding the MicroPhone , His First “Official” Directorial Debut “YOU ME AUR HUM” Co Starring his Wife an Un Official Remake of The Note Book didn’t perform on the Box Office He’s Returned 8 years later with his next action thriller “Shivaay” Will he Score at the Box Office This time. Let’s Find Out.

Shivaay Starts off with a Bad Ass mountain climber Shivaay who lives on the foot hills of the Himalayas , his Job is to help trekkers and guide them in the volatile terrain. In enter’s Olga a Bulgarian Beauty who has spent the last 5 years Studying in India and Knows Hindi as well. Shivaay is immediately taken to this Bulgarian but they have different goal’s in life. However an Avalanche Brings them together making them fall in love and Even make love in Mid Air .

Olga now pregnant wants to Abort but Shivaay begs her to keep the child.  And promises to raise her Solely , Olga given in has a baby and leave’s forever. The girl Child now Born a mute is the center of Shivaay’s world , however an incident make’s her realize that her mother is not dead .  She now force’s Shivaay to make her meet her mother . He give’s in and off they go  to Find Olga.

On reaching Bulgaria an Incident Brought on By Shivaay cause’s his daughter to get Kidnapped . Shivaay is now implicated in Child Trafficking and is thrown in Prison . He has on 36 hours to find his daughter or else She will be gone forever Can Shivaay accomplish the extraordinary task . Make’s for the rest of the film.

There is no to Guessing that Shivaay is Heavily inspired from Cliff Hanger and Taken. And that is the cause of the ridiculous running time. Almost 3 hours . Sadly the film’s Story doesn’t Carry enough Juice to Justify the time.  The First hour goes in establishing a love Story that has no connection with the story and could easily have been trimmed down. But in the bid to show some Visual Effect’s the pace has been grievously affected.  While the second half is a pretty Straight downgraded Version of A taken and really doesn’t show any extraordinary trait’s of the journey. It’s Still Bearable.

The Action of the film is decent and progressive , the car chases are done well along with the free fall’s Sadly the Gun Fight’s and the Hand to Hand Combat Scene’s are a victim of Shabby editing . Fight Choreographer Tolga does a good Job but is a victim a big Victim.  The Stunt Rigging by G action is top notch. There are 3 Stunt Co Odinator’s Stephan Ritcher , Ramadan , Kali all deserve a mention

The Film is Shot Well, but what is a plus for the film is Visual Effect’s that are quite good . Especially all the free falling Scene’s.

Ajay Devgn as a director is extremely visual Sadly he let the actor get the better of him in this film causing the extremely long running time .  As an Action Hero He’s Intense and the intensity make’s up for his lack of Action Skills.

Of the Performance’s Ajay Devgn is Fantastic, He play’s the father’s role really well.  Erika Kaar plays her part well. Abagail Eames who plays his daughter is really good and natural.  Vir Das is annoying, Girish Karnade looks Out of place but who springs a surprise is young Sayasha who looks good and acts comfortably in front of the camera.


On the whole Shivaay was a winner if it was an hour Short Sadly the long running time along with nothing  Extraordinary to offer will be the biggest downfall of Shivaay.

Go See it cause it’s a Step towards A more Progressive Visual cinematic Journey. See it to Support the cause Mr. Devgn is Standing for. A more Cinematic Journey rather than Cheap Ass comedy’s.

We at amdb.in wish the entire team all the very best

Review Score-B 








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