Interview with the Director Of Russian Film Coma Nikita Argunov

Tell us a little bit about yourself Nikita?


Well I was born in a very very small town in a far east of Siberia. Its very cold and very far from Moscow.


One day I realised that I would want to make computer graphics. There was no any CG education available at that time in Russia so I started just watching tutorials in the internet and trying to do something myself. Soon I moved to Moscow and got a job in a studio making CG.


Then I  worked for different studios as VFX supervisor, then Art-director for film visual effects, then second unit director for film. Made some commercials as a director.


Then 3 years ago I created my own studio.


Now I am making a feature film based on my script. What happens next I don’t know. I like to learn, I like to grow and I would want to make great sci-fi films but who knows. It depends a lot on how good the “Coma” film will turn out to be. We will see, life is unpredictable. I have a lot of projects in my mind but… time will tell…



Coma seems to be an interesting concept, can you tell us about the film? 


Its a Sci-fi action. The main concept is that all people in coma find themselves in a single world built out of our memories of reality. This world is strange and has weird physics, anomalies, etc which are in fact a reasonable consequence of how our memory truly works. They try to survive and find the exit from coma,  get back to real life.


The idea is to make this movie visually innovative, yet smart and a good drama as well. Working very very hard to make it really good. Hope we don’t fail and the audience will like it))


Who is your star cast?


No international stars involved. I don’t think your audience know Russian actors.


When are you planning to release the movie?


its supposed to come out beginning 2018.


Russian film market has of late been doing exceptionally well where Hollywood films are concerned , what is the market for domestic films?


Its much smaller but it exists. And growing. I think this year is best for decade.



You Own a VFX Studio in Russia what do you think is the future of big special effect films in Russia?


I don’t know really. One point of view is we have good chances as we are pretty cheap yet creative and can make good looking films for relatively small budgets. On the other hand there are not many players in Russia on this field able to produce films good enough to be sold worldwide. The limit now for the whole production power of our country is 3-4 big films per year. To make big industry we are still to overcome a lot of serious internal problems.


Have you heard of any Bollywood films, and do you know of any actors?


Well I have heard of it but I never watched one. For Russian audience indian films are too … indian. American films are loved everywhere because its not american – its international films. The same is with russian. If you know some of them thats definitely the films with little or national “color”. Its international stories.


Would you like to make a film in India?


Why not. I think its not that important where you make it, more interesting is what you make. If I can do a film interesting to the audience, the film I want to make and its better to be done in India, if it’s easier and better then somewhere else – why not.



What do you think is the future of Visual Effects Globally?


I guess their part in film (in any film) will keep growing. I think soon they won’t be called “visual effects” any more. They will just become a common way to make a film. No reason to build a set practically. Build it digitally. Only actors will probably remain live action. But even this is just a question of time. Technology is rapidly evolving.



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