Trailer of Japanese Action film Re- Born

Japan is known for it’s larger than life action films, heavily inspired from its own history and heritage . The Japanese make very interesting action films, and Tak Sakaguchi ‘s film is the best example. A famous Stunt man in the Japanese film Industry Tak Sakaguchi is now coming in his own with Re born .

A special force unit of several members are found  dead during tactical exercise in the facility of NDF.

Toshiro, a small store clerk lives a quiet live with a young girl Sachi in the countryside. Although his life is seemingly calm and peaceful, he sometimes struggles desperately to control his inner demons  a murder occurs in this small town which Later it turns out to be a warning from Toshiro’s demon’s to Toshiro…

The Murder was not a coincidence but a warning to toshiro alerting him of the danger he faces. A survivor of his team is out to kill Toshiro and his family.

While Toshiro calmly takes care of the assassins sent out to kill him, he begins to get ready for close range combat like arnold in Commando.

In the deepest minds of darkness and conflict, these 2 set out to kill one another.

young actress Kondo Yura, actresses Shinoda Mariko and Hasebe Hitomi, and actors Ishida Issei, Saitoh Takumi, Kato Masaya and Otsuka Akio.

A Japan release is still pending from international rights holder Nikkatsu while North America awaits its own release of the film from XYZ Films, home to The Raid, The Raid 2, Headshot and more.

The trailer though low budget has some interesting long action shots, and it’s interesting to  see how this film plays out.

We at wish the entire team all the best.


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