Interview with Sarik Andreasyan

Russia Has been making Major Head Headway to cement it’s position as A Bankable Box Office Country for Both Local ans international Films. The new trend in the cinematic headway shows that Soon Russian Cinema will be on Par with Any film coming out of the Capital world Cinema Hollywood.

The first Step towards the Process has been initiated by Sarik Andreasyan who’s Guardian’s Has been recently released and is doing well in Russia.

Below is an Exclusive interview with the man himself.



Sarik Please tell us a little bit about yourself?

I was born in 1984 in Yerevan, Armenia. As a child I had moved to Kazakhstan. And there I had graduated from high school. Then I moved to Moscow, where I’d got a professional education as a «director» and begun working on filming.


How did you get into directing and is Guardians your first film?

My first film I shot in 2008. It was a comedy. Later, life gave me a chance to work with other genres. In the summer of 2013 I made a criminal drama «American Heist» with Adrien Brody, Hayden Christensen, Jordan Brewster and rapper Akon in the leading roles. The shooting took place in New Orleans, USA. In 2014 I made a fantastic action-movie “Mafia”. And finally, in 2015, we’d started the preparation and shooting of the «Guardians».


Guardians has been touted as the first Super Hero film of Russia, how and what drove you to choosing this Action genre ?

At some point I’ve wondered why there are super-heroes in the United States , but not in Russia? I also remember the exact moment when our super-heroic universe began to take shape in the form we showed it in the film. It was in 2013, in the USA, while we were shooting “American Heist.” My brother, producer Gevond Andreasyan came to me and during two weeks we were planning and imagining in details what we wanted to see in this and following films. Later we began to attract artists: from different places they had sent me sketches of heroes, we had gathered it all together, discussed and thought about its applying. There had formed a legend with a historical basis. Our heroes were born during the «Cold War», when the program of human genetic improvement was actively developed in the USSR.

The Visual Effects of Guardians has been talked about quite a bit, who did it and what role do you feel Visual Effects play in the Action Genre?

«Guardians» was made in such a genre in which an amusement component plays a major role. This movie is created  by efforts of several departments, also the visual effects play a leading

role in the preparatory phase as much as in the post-production stage. On computer

graphics of «Guardians» worked artists  from «Argunov» Studio. We had chosen this studio because we had already collaborated with «Argunov» Studio in «American Heist» and «Mafia: Survival game».

Tell me a little bit about your cast?

In October 2014 an open casting for the lead roles in the film «Guardians» was announced. Casting was held for six months and included three rounds: extramural, intramural semi-final and intramural final. During this period  we had checked more than a thousand resumes from different actors, and as  the results of two rounds of full-time casting we had selected four super-heroes and a main villain.

To the role of the Russian super-hero possessing great physical strength and ability to

transform into a bear, actor Anton Pampushny was selected. To the role of the fearless Armenian

super-hero controlling the elements of the Earth, actor Sebastian Sisak Grigoryan was chosen.

The role of fast as wind Kazakh super-hero went to Sanjar Madi. The role of the representative of Ukraine, who knows how to disappear in the water, went to Alina Lanina.

They would come together in the struggle for life and death with the mad scientist

Augustus Kuratov (played by Stanislav Shirin).


Guardians Shall Hit Indian Theaters soon, Have you seen any Indian Films and are you aware of any Indian Actors?

Of course, I’ve seen Indian movies. It is extremely interesting, original, very professionally. someday I would love to work on a film in collaboration with an Indian production.

What’s Next after Guardians?

I’ve just started to make the film “Unforgiven.”  It is a dramatic story about the man who had lost his entire family in a plane crash over Lake Constance in 2002.


Do you have a message for all the viewers in India?

Such films are made mainly in Hollywood. We create fantastic comics,

as «Marvel» does. We do not copy the Hollywood production, we create our own mythology, based on our own historical cultural code. In our case it is a common Soviet past of tens of millions of people. That’s why we have several characters that represent  different republics of the former Soviet Union. Of course, we work within the genre, so each of our hero has a specific set of unique abilities, we take into account the mental archetypes. I will not hide, we decided to run a long-playing franchise. In order to question: «Who of the superheroes do you like most?» the answer of our child, for example, was «Russian Arsus» rather than Superman or Batman. We had put into this project a lot of power, had given ourselves to it completely. I am sure that «Guardians» was made at the highest level and I hope that the audience will appreciate our work.

We at wish the entire team of Guardians All the very best.










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