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Review of Guardians – Russian Movie

Now ours is probably the last review of this film and we duly apologize as our servers were hit badly. We are now back faster than ever.

So here goes.

During the Cold War, A scientist called  August Kuratov created a group of Super Heroes called the Guardian. However the Megalomaniac August had other plans , he’s now on the course of World Destruction Starting with Russia. Valeriya Shkirando the head of the Patriots Group is now in Charge of bringing the Patriots together to Stop August , However there where about’s are  unknown. How Valeriya finds them, what are they upto and can they Stop August in time makes for the rest of the film.

To Start With, it’s a huge Risk to Attempt a Super Hero Movie in any country as people draw direct comparison to Marvel , that seem’s to have become a bench mark for such films. However that should never differ one from telling a story and attempting to break barriers both in concept and technology.

Guardian’s is an Ernest attempt at making a Super Hero Movie and they have tried their level best to be as original as they can, and one can see that in the writing  . There will always be an issue in movies that are dubbed , and that has nothing to do with the director , the distributor dubs the film and 20 to 1 it’s some cheap artist who fucks the entire flow of the dub. The Producers should take responsibility to make sure the highest quality artists are used.

The only thing going against Guardians is the English Dub, the film is top notch in every department . The Cinematography is top grade , The VFX by Argunov Studios is photo real at most places, there are certain scenes that it’s a give away but by and large it’s a fantastic effort.

The cast is decent, Again one really can’t Judge the Acting as it’s an Audio Visual Medium with both aspects must go hand in glove. Any Acting looks bad when dubbed, Watch an English movie dubbed in Indian Language and Meryl Streep’s Acting looks Bad. However the actor who plays Xenia her name is Alina Lanina does stand out.

Coming to the Action, the Sequences are very complexed and difficult to execute.  Pavil Avilov  Executes it well  A thumbs up for that.

Director Sarik Andreasyan must take a bow, A film like this is extremely difficult to execute  and most people Shy away from even attempting something like this , fearing the comparison with Marvel. There is no comparison and there can’t be as those are American Super Heroes and these Russian’s . Sarik Deserves an ovation for trying to make a large Scale film, and pulling it off.

Does Guardian’s have it’s share of problems, Like Every film it does. However the Efforts of the team outshine silly problems. A valiant effort.

We at amdb.in wish the entire team all the very best.


Review Score B +









Disclaimer- The reviewer is well respected as an Action connoisseur in global action communities. Amdb (Action movie Data Base) is a site solely designed to review and promote “only” action Films. The reviewer has served as an action consultant to many Action films. He is graduate in advance screen writing. And Above all he know’s what the F he’s talking about.

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