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Review of Commando- The Black Money Trail

The first Commando that released 4 years ago “apparently” had gained some sort of Cult Status. Thought it was a direct rip off of Rambo the film was an average watch as it was a rip off of Rambo . 4 Years Later the Team of the Actor Producer return to Cash in on the “franchise business” . The Dumb the Original Director and get a new director to helm the project , the Director a Famous Comedian on Indian Television. The Director Does a Phenomenal Job in making the film a real comedy . Not An Action film A comedy.

To Start with Commando 2 brings back Commando Karanvir Dogra who now works for a “especial cell unit” the film opens with a shoddy attempt of The raid’s premise to introduce the hero. Soon after he has shown his chops he makes his way to meet his boss in the new hi tech facility the only thing Hi tech in it is a door that opens with a smart card . The Boss Tells him that the king pin Black Money spinner Vicky Chadha is caught in Malaysia , however the team that is going to be sent to bring him is the weakest team that’s been put together by the Home Minister who’s Son is involved in the black money racket as well. Karan infiltrates the Group  that has a Special Sharp Shooter, A techie, A Corrupt Cop and Karanvir.  You know the usual that are needed to make sense of Any situation. I called them (liquid Characters) Soon they make their way to Malaysia to get Vicky Chadha Back , however their is a twist As Vicky Chadha is not Vicky Chadha, So who is Vicky Chadha and can Karan and his team bring him back or rather bring back the black money .

Now i know i made this sound interesting , but trust me, and trust me good , There is absolutely nothing interesting in this film , the script is a mix match of China town, thomas crown affair, Taken 3 to name a few. The Writer Ritesh Shah who wrote the earlier Commando ( Rather AirLifted it from Rambo) writes the most disjointed Screenplay, just when you think A lead to an Action Scene will Start, it takes you some where else. Watching his writing is like watching a Porn Video in the days of Dial up connection , one keeps waiting and waiting but nothing happens. Shah Has absolutely no Clue in how to crave an action script  and that is evident in his Play, Unnecessary situation are created in the film to showcase the talent of the Hero that we have seen exactly 3 years ago, Why i just can’t understand. Writing Action is an Art which few people have , Shah is not one of them

Coming to the Action , How Franz Sphilhaus is still working in India is just beyond me. He messed up the recent force 2 and has fucked up Commando 2. The Action has no drive , intrigue or excitement . The Only thing exciting is when the hell will it get over. A major Thumbs  down for him.

Of the Actors i am deeply disappointed in Vidyut, he has managed to bring nothing new to the table and is pretty much repeating his moves in all his films. He needs to sit and access how to up his game, Cause when it comes to throwing a Punch JohnAbraham has set a bench mark and when it comes to spinning a kick and doing a flip Tiger Shroff is pretty much unbeatable. Esha Gupta is fair, Ada Sharma is a good actor but in this film she reaches new heights of Annoying   and it’s not her fault. So coming to her fault, Devin Bhojwani who i have tremendous respect for as an actor chose the absolute Wrong Script to debut in. The only scene that worked flawlessly was a comic scene between Shefali Shah and a cop, and one can see Bhojwani’s flair in it, however when it comes to action . He misses all the beats that A director needs to take the story forward. The Move from Act one to two and two to three Solely relies on the back ground score and nothing else. I like Deven but this is not his space at all. The camera work is good by Chirantan Das. The Editing is Shabby.

On the Whole Commando 2 is a major Major let down , the film has managed a decent day 1 collection and that only goes to show the power of the Genre. But by no means is this an even Average fair. And the entire team must pull up their Socks.

We at amdb.in wish the entire team all the best.

Review Score C       







Disclaimer- The reviewer is well respected as an Action connoisseur in global action communities. Amdb (Action movie Data Base) is a site solely designed to review and promote “only” action Films. The reviewer has served as an action consultant to many Action films. He is graduate in advance screen writing. And Above all he know’s what the F he’s talking about.

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