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Box Office update of Could War 2

Cold war was a bench mark for Hong Kong Action Cinema . The Film had a solid plot along with  gripping action by Master Jung Doo Hung. The film proved to the world that one of the Oldest Action film Industry was still on top of it’s game at making gritty and Gripping action Films.

The Sequel to the film seems to take the film a notch hire in terms of adrenaline rush.

The Hong Kong Police Force holds a funeral for two superintendents killed during the previous film. Shortly after, the commissioner Sean Lau  receives a call from one of the culprits behind the theft of the police van. He is told that his wife has been kidnapped and that he must release Joe Lee  for her to survive. Lau overrides standard procedure to transfer Joe out of prison, and is told by the kidnapper to bring Joe to the metro station. There, Joe is able to escape with the aid of several accomplices, one of whom sets off a bomb. The culprits leave Lau’s wife alive at the station.

Lau’s actions are criticized by the media and by numerous politicians, leading to a public inquiry. Fearing that the police have been infiltrated, Lau privately requests Billy Cheung  an ICAC agent, to form a separate squad independent of the police, so they can track down the culprits

Will Lau be Successful in his en devour makes for the rest of the film.

The Film is a smashing hit and has crossed over 120 million USD and is still in counting.

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