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Review Of Baahubali

Jai Maheshmati, Baahubali the conclusion is a wholesome cinematic experience. the film is larger than life and way Larger than it’s predecessor in every way.  The film takes off from the turning point of where Katappa tells Baahubali’s son the History of Baahubali and the reason of his death.

I don’t want to reveal anything more besides wanting to tell you all to go catch the movie in the Cinema halls Only. The film is made on a large Scale and only a large screen can do Justice to the viewing experience.

Though the Story is a bit long and does lag in places the overall moments are fantastic, and some sequences and shots were  better than any thing ever seen in Indian Cinema

The Action is far superior to the first part, though one does see some of the routine South Inspired Stunts , it does not hurt the eye as the Character of Baahubali though human has god like Characteristics and the actor totally makes even the most impossible believable.

Action Coordinator Lee Whittaker who has previously worked on the first installment has improved leaps and bound the Second time around. Though the rigging is average, the Choreography mostly is well done, however the edit is loose at places.  Fight Choreographer Morgan Benoit, Chan Griffin , Dave Macomber have done well. A special Mention of Larnell Stovall who did the entire pre visualization  for the film.

The Camera work by Senthil Kumar could have been much better, However that too passes without notice in this extravaganza. Visual Effects are a Tad better than the first part. The Effects Start of very well but as the film progresses the effects become less and less visual, towards the climax it looks like either they Ran out of Money or patience.

The Film belongs to Prabhas and Rana. I always say that the hero is only as good as how bad the villain is  and Rana is top Notch , he kills it as Bhalla no to ways about it.  Rumor has it that an A list bollywood Star was the first choice to play Baahubali. That being Said no one could play a better Baahubali than Prabhas , He’s So Convincing as the mighty warrior that he sells the most idiotic scenes with full conviction. A special mention to SathyaRaj who essayed the Part of Kattapa with valor and a 100 % conviction.

But Baahubali Truly belongs to one person and one person’s vision, that is Director SS Rajmouli. I always say its not in the what its in the how, Stories are pretty much the same it’s the treatment that makes all the difference and Baahubali Stands testament to this. Each Scene has a strong presence of the directors vision and his nuances.  One can see the effort taken by Rajmouli in making the Opus. Rajmouli is the biggest director in the Telugu film industry and it’s safe to say he will be the biggest director in India post the monster success of BB2

On the whole Baahubali is not a film to be missed. The only down side is the length , that aside it’s a treat to watch. It’s already set the opening day record and is on it’s way  to create a record that might not be shattered in a long long time

We at amdb,in wish the entire team all the very best.

Review Score- A















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