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Review of Alien Covenant

A franchise that was a path breaker in World Cinema Aliens is back again with it’a 4th installment in the series called Aliens Covenant.  Riddley Scott  who is the founder of the franchise is back wielding the microphone in the 4th outing can he take the franchise to the next level . Lets Find out.

Alien Covenant takes off from where Prometheus ends. Scott and Fox both have always said the Prometheus was a Set up for Aliens Covenant and they were right.

Taking Place a Decade after Prometheus In 2104, the crew of the colony ship Covenant is bound for a remote planet Origae-6 with two thousand colonists and a thousand embryos aboard. While en route to their destination, an energy surge damages the ship, killing its captain and waking the crew. As they repair the ship, the crew intercept a radio transmission from a nearby planet and decide to investigate as the transmission is human in origin but the planet is supposedly lifeless

Crew members Waters, Faris and Karine descend to the surface with a contingent of security personnel. Karine sets up an ecological survey station while the others track down the source of the signal. They discover it originates from an Engineer ship piloted by Elizabeth Shaw following the disastrous Prometheus mission. However soon crew some crew members are affected by the DNA of the aliens and Soon all hell breaks loose , as the Aliens have now found the host they were looking for to incubate and grow.  What follows is the birth of the aliens and the hell they rain on the crew on Origae 6. The Crew are no match for the Aliens and are about to be destroyed by the Aliens when some one rescues them. Who is this someone , what is it doing on this remote planet , how did it get there and what does it want makes the rest of the film.

To Start off with Alien Covenant writer John Logan has put together a tight and compelling screenplay, though there are no scenes to go Gaga over ( Like Weaver telling the Alien “I am not your fucking mother” and then killing the shit out of it) The film is extremely intriguing in it’s narrative.

Logan who is limited with situations and locations to set scenes around makes sure to recreate the different experiences  in  the same locations and that shows the true mark of a fantastic writer.

Darious woliski who works regularly with Scott has shot the film picture perfect, though 90 % of the Film is CG based , and most of the lighting would change in Post Woliski has Shot it to perfection.

The visual Effects are beyond stunning , in a day and age where every tentpole has the biggest visuals , the race is now for aesthetic effects and Covenant delivers in more ways than one , the world of Aliens is stunning and Alien covenant delivers one of the most believable worlds in recent times.

Coming to the Action Stunt coordinator Kyle Gardiner   has managed to put together some fantastic pieces of larger than life Sequences and has managed to execute it to perfection. The Single Hand to hand combat between Michael Fassbender and you need to see the movie to know who has been done well by Chan Griffin .

Of the performances the film belongs to Fassbender he is truly fantastic as a synthetic android , Fassbender is an actor par excellence but he is truly the one driving this film in more ways than one. His last release was rather disappointing but he makes it up by 10 folds with Alien Covenant . Katharine waterston who plays Daniels reminds you of a young Sigourney Weaver and could well take her place as the new Mother in the coming series she’s very impressive. The rest of the cast all play their parts to perfection.

Finally coming to the captain of this Ship, Sir Riddley Scott who has absolutely nothing to prove as he’s one of the finest directors we have seen proves once again that he is an evolving film maker a less very important for every director. Though Cameron Directed the second film this is Scott’s Franchise and he proves it in more ways than one. He is in complete command of the film from the word go and takes the minutest care in putting every scene to make it as dynamic possible. Scott is  an institute of film making and he proves it once again.

The  Protomorph which is fully digital is a sight to see. Scott and Cameron had worked pain strikingly to create the Protomorph in special effects in an age where Visual effects was a term the very best in the business barely understood.

Alien Covenant is a film that will be Loved by it’s fans as it lives up to the expectation . The highest footfall will come from there for sure. In terms of acquiring new fans it might be a bit tough as the fascination and the intrigue of seeing the creature is lost with multiple films on Aliens already around.

On the whole Alien Covenant is a fantastic watch.

We at amdb.in wish the entire team all the very best

Review Score- A 






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