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Review of Wonder Women.

Warner Bros acquired DC Comics soon after Disney acquired Marvel. However DC has not had the kind of success not even close to what Marvel has had and is having. Their first release the reboot of Super man titled Man of Steel fared Average at the Box Office and the most anticipated Batman vs Superman significantly under performed  in fact some people even called it a flop. Warner has been bleeding money as their Super Hero’s cant seem to bring audiences into the theaters. Can their latest release Wonder women change their fortunes, lets find out.

Directed by Patty Jenkins and Starring Gal Gadot  Wonder Women tells the Story of Princess Diana the Princess of A hidden world on earth called Themyscira. Diana  grows up Among women known as the Amazons. Diana since childhood wants to be a warrior like her mother Queen Hippolyata and aunt the General Antiope , however the queen is dead against Diana doing any sort of combat training.  Diana’s aunt General Antiope take her under her wing and Starts to train her. Soon Diana grows up   and is one of the finest among all the Amazon Soldiers. One day when she’s starring into the  horizon she see’s a plane entering Themyscira , the plane crashes into water and Diana Saves the Pilot , however he seems to have left a trail behind as soon solider,  German Soldiers have found this hidden oasis. What follows is a battle a battle so impactful that it changes the course of Diana’s thinking and her path of life. Diana soon heads to London with the Pilot Captain Steve Trevor to put an end to what could possibly end the world. What is Diana After, who is she really, who is she looking for and will she be successful is what makes the rest of the film.

To Start with Zack Snyder has come up with a compelling Story that’s set in a real event  around a Greek Mythology. It’s a very smart though that instantly connect you with the Story. The screenplay by Allan Heinberg is tight with the rite dose of emotion to move the Story forward.  Scenes between Diana and Hippolyata are so deep  that it would even move a rock. Not a moment passes in boredom.  The Score by Rupert Gregson Williams is riveting it stirs an ocean of emotions . The photography by Matthew Jensen is Stunning.

Coming to the Action Stunt coordinator Tim Rigby ( who is the primary stunt coordinator ) has pulled an exceptional team together. The Combat Choreography is one of the best in recent times . We said it first when we saw the first look and we are saying it again. It’s Simply Fantastic. Just when the pace slows down an awesome action scene lift’s the pace . All the Sequences are fantastic.

Coming to The visual effects which happens to be on the back hand of Producer Zack Snyder is top grade as always. Though one see’s Snyders favorite combination of black and Orange fills the frame soon enough they still have created a beautiful world . Visual effects  are the key components in films like these and Wonder women Scores big time in that department.

Coming to the Director , Patty Jenkins who’s almost as good as a new film maker has managed to create one of the best action films in recent times. Jenkins shows that she’s up there with any man in making an action blockbuster. Patty has already beaten the opening day record of Kathrine Biglow ‘s Zero Dark and Has proven that she is up there with the Zack Snyders. Jenkins is going to be the biggest director in the coming days. Take A bow Patty.

Of the Actors Chris Pine is as sincere as always he really uplifts each scene he is in. Everyone is good in their parts but the film belongs to the title holder. I have never felt this but i fell in love with Princess Diana During the course of the film. Her sincerity, her purity , her honestly , her aggression,  her strength, her style oh i could go on and on. Gal who anyways wowed us in Batman vs Superman take the wow factor a 100 notches higher in Wonder Women She delivers one of the best if not the best performance i have seen in any super hero movie Across the board. She is the Wonder Women She and only She. Gal take a bow take a major bow.

A question was asked if wonder women would change Warner’s luck , the answer is absolutely. This is one of the best films to come out of the studio in recent times, Kevin Tujihara is going to be one happy happy man.

The Final word and i say that with pride  WONDER WOMEN TEACHES EVERY MAN HOW TO BE A MAN

A supreme block buster

We at amdb.in wish the entire team all the very best.

Review Score-  A+ 










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