Interview with the Head Honcho of Fox Star Studios

When a film is a success, the actor and director receive accolades and many pats on the back for a job well done. However, when the film flops, the fall guy ends up being the studio head, and he takes the punches with a tough stance. Meet the man with the grit and stamina to face our unpredictable film industry.

Interview with CEO of Fox Star Studios, Mr Vijay Singh

Nilesh Sahay: You returned to action genre (not sports-inspired action) after over three years, why such a long break?

Vijay Singh: As a studio, we want to explore all genres of cinema and entertain audience with superlative content. It wasn’t a perpetual decision of taking a break from action movie. It’s also about getting a right script of action genre which will cater to all age group audiences. Our film A Gentleman is a complete family entertainer, Sid and Jacqueline together for the first time have a great chemistry to offer, make an amazing pair and has brought freshness on the screen, add to it slick action, and the quirky humour.  Its a youthful entertainer and the youth definitely have got excited with what is there to offer.

Nilesh Sahay: What is the process that you go through when green lighting an action script?

Vijay Singh: The basic process we undergo before going ahead with an action film is firstly the availability of talent as per the script, good plot, peppered with high octane action sequences and last but not the least is the perfect crew to handle action sequences without compromising on the look or the safety aspect.

Nilesh Sahay: This (A Gentleman) could be Siddharth’s break out film as a main stream action hero. What potential did you see in him, as an action hero, that made him an apt choice for the role?

Vijay Singh: Sidharth Malhotra is complete package who can offer not just action but also added versatility and panache to A Gentleman and has given full justice to the character he has performed on screen. He is good looking and perfect for hi gloss action cinema. Sidharth is athletic and agile an action star in the making – he likes to do his stunts himself, and is very convincing at it.

 Nilesh Sahay: Cyril Raffaelli is a well known stunt coordinator. He has worked on movies like Transporter, what brief did you give him and the directors Krishna and Raj when they were designing the action of A Gentleman?

Vijay Singh: A clear brief to the action director and our directors was to make a high octane action film. We wanted the stunts to look real and relatable as the action is core essence of the film. But they should push the envelope at the same time. Employ brisk hand to hand fights to make actor look good in the character he portrays on screen.

Nilesh Sahay: Bang Bang! was a remake of another film made by your studio, will we see more action film remakes from your international library?

Vijay Singh: Yes we inherit a strong and a potential Hollywood library, which can be attempted into a Bollywood blockbuster, but we haven’t decided to remake a Hollywood film anytime soon.  But yes we would like have one action film a year in our slate.

Nilesh Sahay: You have strategic partnerships with Dharma and Nadiadwala Grandsons, is action your first genre of choice?

Vijay Singh: Both are creative production house and have made cinema to entertain the viewers for many years. From our 9 film deal with Dharma Productions we have already released 6 films and all have been different genre movies and with varied casts. As a studio we would never stick to one genre nor we would like push our partners.

Nilesh Sahay: Will we see a bigger influx of action films in the coming years’ slate of films produced by you?

Vijay Singh: We are going through multiple scripts currently and we will soon close our slate for next year.

Nilesh Sahay: Thank you for your time

We at wish the Fox Star Studios all our very best.


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