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Review Of Justice League

Easily one of the most anticipated films of the year Justice League has been surrounded by Controversy from the word go. From Director Zack Snyder having to leave the film due to personal reasons, to Direcotr Josh Whedon taking over the film and crossing over to DC from Marvel . After all the controversy does the film live up to the expectation lets find out.

Superman’s death has sent the world in Chaos and Crime is on it’s highest level . One day When Batman Apprehends a criminal he comes across something more than he had asked for, some thing from his dreams from Batman Vs Superman A para Demon  a foot solder of Stephen Wolf the devour of planets a warrior who is in search of 3 boxes which when combined have so much power that it can destroy the whole universe. However these Boxes are scattered . 1 is with the Amazons , the other with the Atlantians and the third with the humans. With The death of the Son Of Krypton Stephen Wolf is back from his exile to retrieve the boxes . His first stop is the Amazon where one truly gets to see his and his electro   axe’s power.

Stephen Destroys the Amazon’s and retrieve’s the first box. Queen Hippolyta mother of Princess Diana aka Wonder women sends a coded message to her daughter that the invasion has already started. Diana reaches out to Bruce Wayne who then decides to form a team of Meta Human who’s information he had extracted from Lex Luther’s Data. However the team of new recruits have their own personal issue’s  . Barry Allen aka The Flash is a teenage kid dealing with issue’s with his father. Arthur Curry AKA Aquaman is a loner and strictly does not want to get involved with anyone’s business and the last recruit is Victor Stone AKA Cyborg a Lab experiment who is coming to terms with his  daily evolution.

Even Though Bruce manages to put the team of Batman, Wonder Women, Aquaman, Flash and Cyborg together then still cannot match up to Stephen who is on his way to retrieve the other 2 boxes. The Only hope is Superman but he’s dead or isn’t he.

To Start with Justice league is leaps ahead of Batman Vs Superman. Zack Snyder is truly one of the best directors in the business and he absolutely doesn’t fail to deliver. He’s got a phenomenal sense of Framing and that is vastly evident in most of the scenes. A thumbs up to Zack Snyder , though he was dealing with personal problems he managed to put together a very fast paced entertainer.

The Screen play by Chris Terro and Joss Whedon is designed perfectly to fit every Characters introductions and hint of Certain Characters exits. It’s a very difficult task to build new Character’s arks and conflicts into one story especially when  all the Characters are extremely popular  within their fan base. Whendon brings some of the marvel Humor and that eases out most  of the tense Scenes.  It’s an extremely difficult task to make everything work together in a Super Hero film , though there are some parts that are disjointed by and large the screenplay works fine.  A big thumbs up.

Coming to the Action and visual Effects. Damon Caro who’s worked with SNyder from his very first film has managed to put together some very interesting Sequences , however with the blend of CG Characters  and Visual Effect’s of the highest grade it’s tough to say when was done by the Actors and what by CG. That being said i’m sure he designed all the pre viz and for that he get’s a massive thumbs up.  The visual effects have the typical Zack Snyder mark on it  with Weta , MPC and Scan LIne leading the pack of Studios. The visual effects like all ZS films are stunning especially the first destruction of   Stephen wolf.

The Camera work By Fabian Wagner keeps with the tone of the film. The editing is sharp and doesn’t miss a beat.

Finally Coming  to the Actors everyone is on top of their Game. Ben Affleck looks dashing though old his performance is great. Gal Gadot as Wonder Women is phenomenal as she was in her solo movie. The new Recruit Jason Mamoa AKA Aquaman was mighty impressive he proved he deserves a solo movie, as does Barry Allen AKA the flash . He was funny  and Charming and could in the future give some serious competition to Marvel’s Spider man. Ray Fisher aka Victor Stone was intense and showed us just how important he is to the plot. Stephen wolf though a completely CG Character is a much better villain than doomsday.  No film that could have the possibility of Superman is made without Lois Lane. Amy Adams Plays her part to perfection as does Diana Lane who plays Marth mother of Clark kent.  As i write this part my body jumps into goose bumps Henry Cavill absolutely nails it as Superman in my books he’s the best Superman even beating Christopher reeves  .

On the Whole Justice league is a massive winner on the Box Office go see it ,  go see it now and believe me just one Shot of Superman is worth your time and money.

We at amdb.in wish the entire team all the very best.

Review Score- A 







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