Interview with the Writer of The Raid Remake titled ” Raid” Adam Simon

Director Gareth Evans Changed the face of Indie Action Cinema when he made the Raid. It was a new way to show the world that to make an engaging action film , one doesn’t need the big budget. The film that was made for under a million dollars went on to gross over 15 million world wide along with getting the attention of  all the major studios.

Gareth has now moved on to bigger projects and rumor has it has been signed to direct the DeathStroke Standalone film. However the Raid is very much in people’s mind , A remake was announced a while ago but now things are moving big time on it. Director Joe Carhahan has been given the job to steer this Frank Grillo Starrer that has been adapted by the engaging writer Adam Simon .

We recently interviewed Adam Simon on how he plans to handle the project and even got his feed back on Indian Cinema and Indian Action Stars , read below.

1. How did you get into Writing action films?

There is always an element of action in anything that I write. Action works when it is an integral part of the story, an extension or expression of the characters or the story itself. As to how I got into it…The very first story I ever wrote as a ten-year-old kid was Sci-Fi Action. 

2. The Raid has now gained cult Status, how will you beat the expectations of the Fans of the Original?

I’m very aware of the fans because I am a fanboy myself, as are Joe Carnahan and Frank Grillo. We love the fans and their excitement over this project. That said, I don’t think meeting outside expectations has ever been the goal. The goal has always been to create a great story that we are proud of, first and foremost. The original is perfect where it is. It doesn’t need to be messed with. Our script is a nod to the original for sure, but it is not a remake, it is a reimagining. The really amazing news is that there is a consensus between Joe, Frank, myself, WAR PARTY, and XYZ Films that the script we have, the story we have, is a great film in embryo. So, full speed ahead.

3. Action is one of the Toughest Genres to Write, what is your process?

You have to put in the hours, writing every day. If you are comfortable, you are doing something wrong. At least, that’s my opinion. I don’t know, maybe it’s just me. I have to be uncomfortable to work. Now, “the process” varies from project to project but the hours of work remain constant…that and bottomless cups of coffee.  

4. The remake of the Raid is being Directed by Joe Carnahan, how is it collaborating with him? 

We got a great thing going. This is my second round with Joe and it’s fantastic. I sure as hell don’t want to jinx it. He is an incredible director but also one of the most brilliant writers out there. Read “Killing Pablo”, “NARC”, “The Grey”, “A Team”, any of his writing, it’s undeniable how good he is. Whenever we collaborate on stories or ideas, our relationship, depending on the day, vacillates wildly between Dr. Dre & Emimen or Siegfried and Roy during the tiger attack. I love the guy.

5. What drives you to write Action films?

Raid, Point Blank…those stories grant me the opportunity to explore certain themes through action. I love great Action. What is particularly fun about action is the heightened sense of things, the urgency, the stakes involved. Great action reveals character. That idea is exciting to me as a writer. When the fight is on, when the adrenaline flows, you find out who someone really is. Will they fight, run or freeze? Will they rise to the moment or crumble underneath it? 

6. What is your favorite action film, and who is your favorite Action Hero and Heroine?

Too many to name. I couldn’t narrow it down. Mad Max, Lethal Weapon, Die Hard, Man On Fire. The past few years have given us some gems as well. John Wick, Fury Road. I thought Charlize Theron was phenomenal in Fury Road. She stole the film. I loved Frank Grillo’s character in Wheelman. That film was lean and mean. Jeremy Rush and crew did an incredible job with that. Also, Joe is shooting a film with Frank and Mel Gibson right now called, Boss Level. It’s gonna be great. 

7. What’s Next post The Raid?

Point Blank. It’s a film I wrote with Gaumont, based loosely on the premise of the French film “A Bout Portant”  by Fred Cavaye and Guillaume Lemans. After that, I’m moving into directing while pitching around a series concept. Maton. There isn’t anything like it. I’m over the moon about it.  

8. Bollywood Has big action Stars like John Abraham, your thoughts on him and Bollywood Action films?

I LOVE Bollywood Action films. My kids and I would go to this restaurant called “The Star Of India.” I knew the owner who, when I was struggling, would let me eat for free. They would screen Bollywood films from a projector onto a wall inside the restaurant.  I have seen John,John is amazing. I’d like to see John Abraham go toe to toe with Frank Grillo, it would make an epic watch. 

9. Would you like to direct and write a film for the India audience?

I think I just answered that question. But in case you are still wondering…YES!

10. Your message for amdb readers? 

Buckle up. Because, between Boss Level, Raid & Point Blank, this year is going to be filled to the brim with badassery.

We at wish the entire team all the very best. 






Disclaimer- The reviewer is well respected as an Action connoisseur in global action communities. Amdb (Action movie Data Base) is a site solely designed to review and promote “only” action Films. The reviewer has served as an action consultant to many Action films. He is graduate in advance screen writing. And Above all he know’s what the F he’s talking about.

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