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Baaghi 2 Vs Irumbhutirai vs Swathanthriyam ArdhaRathriyil Vs Rangasthalam Vs Johnny Johnny yes papa who will win the battle of the box office.

It’s good Friday this coming friday and since it’s a holiday a massive battle is set to occur at the box office where 5 Action films from 5 Films industry Across India collide.

From Hindi Cinema comes the Tiger Shiroff Starrer Baaghi 2  , from Tamil Cinema comes the Vishal Starrer Irumbhutirai, From Malayalam comes the Anthony Verges starrer Swathanthriyam ArdhaRathriyil, From Telugu comes the Ram Charan Starrer Rangasthalam and From Kannada comes Johnny Johnny yes papa.  Which one of these films will emerge the number 1 film in India this week.

Lets find out.

Baaghi 2 is the Sequel of Baagi the first big hit of Tiger Shiroff , the film put Tiger on the Map and the makers quickly announced a Sequel. Baaghi 2 has Ronnie returning to find his ex girlfriends kidnapped daughter who apparantly no one has seen or heard of . What is the Mystery Watch the film to find out. The trailer received a roaring response , the film is set to open in 2000 Screens plus across India and it’s easy to say that the first day numbers will be in the mid 15 cr range.

The Vishal Starrer Irumbhutirai is an action thriller that deals with Cyber security. Vishal plays a Army officer who is looking to bring down a syndicate.  The film trailer has received a mix response however since it’s an Action film and  has been dubbed in Telugu as well and because of that the film should open to a 6.50 first day.

Swathanthriyam ArdhaRathriyil the Malayalam film starring  Anthony Verges is about a Jail convict who is out to survive a gang of people out to kill him. The film is set to open on 300 Screens Across Kerala and should rake in about 2.crs day 1

The Next big release is Rangathalam Starring Ram Charan the film is a rural Action Story and is set to open to a 1000 screens across all of South India . The film is set to open to a 10 crs day 1 and an add on of 2 crs from all other south markets making it a  total of 12 crs .

The final release is an indie Action film titled Johnny Johnyy yes papa from Karnataka the film should put up a decent number of 1.50 to 2 crs day 1 since its a limited release.

The writing is clear on the wall Baaghi 2 is set to be the number 1 film in India this Friday.

We at amdb.in wish the entire team all the very best.






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