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Review of Baaghi 2

So baaghi was Tiger Shroff’s break out film it put Tiger on  the Map As an Action Hero, the Sequel of Baaghi hits theaters today will it go on to beat Baaghi 1’s business lets find out.

Ranveer Pratab Singh Aka Ronnie has now joined the armed forces and is a part of the Para Military he’s got his owns style of doing things and that always gets him in trouble with his seniors. One day Ronnie Receives a voice message that jogs his memory back to four years ago , it’s his ex girlfriend Neha she needs his help. Ronnie puts everything aside and heads to got me meet Neha and see what the issue is.

On the way the story takes you back to their past, obviously those 2 were lovers and could not get together for Neha’s Father was un approving of Ronnie  ( god if he only had to see him now) She moved on he went to the army the rest is history. Soon they meet and Neha tells Ronnie that her little daughter is Kidnapped and that no one is willing to help her , her last hope is Ronnie .

Ronnie who is clearly still in love with her decides to do the right thing by helping her. He sets out to find out about the Child’s Kidnapping the only problem is that everyone he meets till him Neha doesn’t have a child and that no such child actually existed. Ronnie is confused who is saying the truth and who is lying. Does Neha Have a child does she not why has she called Ronnie back . If she does have a child what actually happened to her and can Ronnie save it from the Danger she’s in Makes for the rest of the tale.

The biggest problem of Baaghi 2 is the first 45 minute’s of the film , it absolutely does nothing to set up the plot and the fractured narration and too many Characters lead to too many confusions they key of an Action film is pacing and Baaghi 2 lacks in it . In addition to that there are 2 to 3 songs in the first 45 minute’s. The writers who could have found smarter and quicker ways to find solutions to certain mystery plot points unnecessarily take a long U turn to solve it. In the words of Deadpool ” now that’s Just Lazy writing” .

Coming to the Action 3 Action Choreographers have been brought on board Ram Chella, Lakshman Chella, Kecha Khamphakdee and Shamshir Khan. I can literally pin point who has shot what . Tiger’s intro is Khan, Tiger’s police Action Scene is Ram Lakshman and The final battle is Kecha . The action does engage in parts however non of these people try to extract and thing new from the Young Action Star. Certain places the Action is disjointed and solely relies on Sound effects to make it sail through certain action beats could have been the “money shots” but sadly the editor decides he wanted to cut it right at the time of impact and jump to another shot.

Director Ahmad Khan returns to directing after a decade . I haven’t seen any works of Ahmad’s as a director  he’s a bit rusty  and that shows.

Coming to the Actors the film belongs to Tiger his last 2 films ( flying Jatt , Munna Micheal ) didn’t perform well at the box office and he’s back with a vengeance the sole reason to see the film is for Tiger and his hard work. I only feel  a better stunt team would have exploited him better. He does a great Job . Disha Patni is sweet in her part she plays a very D glam role and does a decent Job . Wondered why Pratiek Babbar didn t work for so long please see the movie to know why. Randeep hooda and Manoj Bajpai both are good actors and play their parts well.

On the whole the film belongs to Tiger who roars away at everyone saying ” Fuck you i’m back ” Today he joins the elite ranks of Action Hero’s Like John Abraham and Salman Khan.

Baaghi 2 is going to be a monster at the box office and is well on it’s way to a 100 crs plus easy with a day 1 could well be in the range of 17 crs .

We at amdb.in wish the entire team all the very best.

Review Score- B+











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