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Review of Avengers Infinity War.

Ok, the first part of the final installment of The Avengers is out, this movie is what it was all about. 10 years of Set up and introduction of each Character just to get to this part , how does the film hold up lets find out.

Thanos , the biggest Villain of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is on his way to earth to retract all the infinity stones he firsts lands up in New york  and the first thing his people do is take Doctor Stange to Thanos who needs the intel on all the infinity stones  . However Tony Stark AKA Iron Man along with Peter Parker AKA Spiderman decided to help Strange, however Tony Get’s Sucked into Thanos’s Space ship too.

On the Other Side Captain AMerica who doesn’t go by that name anymore re unites with the Blck Widow and Bruce Banner who find their way to Wakanda to ask the black panther to Join their fight with Thanos.  On the other side Thor has been rescued by the guardians and they must reach the Avengers to Join the fight Against Thanos. What happens from here on is nothing but the biggest epic battle we have even seen on Film Screen.

The reason i am  not divulging too much into the plot is because i would have to give out way to many spoilers and that would ruin the film for you all.

Directed BY the Russo Brothers Anthony and Joe Infinity War is by far the biggest Spectacle one has seen on Screen.  It’s so engaging and so engrossing that you can not take you eyes off the screen for even a second.

The film is riddled with witty oneliners and though there were many writers on the gigantic epic film the 2 names who have fronted it are  Christopher Markus and Stephen Mc Feely. The 2 have been involved with the film right since Captain AMerica and have got a fantastic feel of the Characters and their arcs. Both have done a fantastic Job  to showcase each superhero in it’s true capacity. That’s what great writing is about and they have achieved it .

Coming to the Directors The Russo’s have made a fantastic film , the word Epic has not been used in recent times but to define it the film is EPic. It’s tight and engaging.

Coming to the Action and visual effects both are of EPic Scale  the film had Weta digital who have done the lord of the rings and Avatar work on most of the sequences and Weta has created a magnificent scale.  Vic Armstrong is the Stunt coordinator and has brought together an interesting team to execute the Action though a lot of it is MO Cap work Vic has manged to Keep People extremely engaged in the battle.

Of the performances the 1 person who really stand out are is Thanos  the malevolent Dark Lord of the wrecked planet Titan, played by Josh Brolin . Thanos is phenomenally over powering and is by far the best villian the MCU has had. Brolin has played his part with phenomenally. He’s like Hellboy, the Hulk, Darth Vader into one hundred.

There are some Key moments between Thanos and Gamora  the adoptive stepdaughter he rescued as a girl in the midst of wiping out her planet. She won’t give into him now, even when he’s got her android half-sister, Nebula (Karen Gillan), suspended and torturously stretched into her metallic body parts. Saldana, in a ripely emotional performance. Everyone from Thor, to Captain to Starlord to Rocket is fantastic.

On the whole Infinity War is one of the best visual spectacles ever seen on Screen . I don’t want to give anything more away but you will leave Saddened that the film got over so soon.

Review Score – K 

We at amdb.in wish the entire team all the very best.







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