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The reason we are launching the trailer of Saamy 2 today almost a month after the release of the trailer launch is because are Data Analytics of South India was under performing , however seeing the latest footfall we are lad to report to you that we are adding 2 more correspondents to our Tamil Nadu sector and soon our patrons will be getting a lot of breaking news and first reports.

In 2003 Vikram made his mass presence portraying a Robin hood type cop in director Hari’s commercial Actioner Saamy. Vikram played  Aarusaamy   the Deputy Commissioner of Police of Tirunelveli which is run by a don , Vikram and the DOn go head on and Vikram  efficiently brings the city under control.

The film  was a block buster hit  , made on a budget of around 2 million USD of this date including inflation and indexing , the film went on to make  over 8 ex of the cost of production. The film even managed a hindi remake Starring bollywood Action Super Star Sanjay Dutt, though the film under performed it put up high double digit numbers at the box office and sold well on it’s second window run.

15 years later the iconic Character returns to the cinema screen  he’s angrier than ever and has apparently grown 15 times stronger than he was 15 years ago.

The sad part of the trailer is that keeping the success of the first part in mind the producers along with Writer director Hari could have really upped his skill set and could have taken the action 10 notches higher . However seeing the Saamy 2’s trailer one get’s the feeling the film is on the same level as part one which is  disappointing.

The trailer tells the story of what a Saamy film should be about a cop who is out to fight a bad politician.

The probable date for release has not been fixed , however it is a great possibility that the film opens on 15th of August  .

Currently the trailer has received 2300 trend tracks and is tracking at an of Average C however the data is pulled mainly for the 2 biggest cities Chennai and Coimbatore  as the films nears release it should average out to a B at best.

The film is on course to doing a 23 cr first frame , how if it opens on Independence day the numbers could go up slightly .

We at wish the entire team all the very best.






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