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Breaking- Neill Blomkamp all set to direct the Robocop film at MGM

Robocop originated in the year 1987 and took the world by storm . The 80’s were the era of  the SIFI genration Cameron lead the way and it was followed up by   Paul Verhoeven-directed satirical sci-fi action thriller RoboCop that Orion films  released in 1987.

The film followed a badly wounded cop on death’s doorstep who is turned into a cyborg law enforcement officer tasked with wiping out crime in an out of control Detroit, but who is plagued by submerged memories of his previous married life.

The original starred Peter Weller and went onto to make tons of money for Orion and became into a massive franchise.  However Orion Pictures under the leadership of Arthur B Krim soon went through Bankruptcy and sold .

Robocop soon faded away from people’s memory until 2014 when director Jose Padiha revamped the franchise for Sony  though the film did 240 million on the box office it was made on a massive budget of 100 million and barely broke even at the box office.

The writing was clear on the wall , the would had moved on from Robocop, but has it really. Niell blomkamp the director of Elysium is all set to reboot the franchise with   Robocop Returns for MGM .

Justin Rhodes, who co-wrote the Terminator film that Tim Miller is shooting, will rewrite the script that was originally written by  Original writers Ed Neumeier and Michael Miner who are serving as producer on the film .

The story is about an  anarchy reigns and the fate of Detroit hangs in the balance as RoboCop makes his triumphant return to fight crime and corruption.

When the studio was putting together the project Blomkamps name first cropped up , however Blomkamp was busy setting up his Oat studios in Canada when he got the offer he jumped on it . Knowing his love for SIFI he seems to be the absolute right choice for the reboot.

He said that The original definitely had a massive effect on him as a child . The original grossed over $50 million and got three Oscar noms including a win for Best Sound Effects Editing.

Though no other information is known on the film , it will be interesting to see the development and how the film shapes up.

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