Interview with President of Millennium Jonathan Yunger

Millennium films is one of the only independent film companies that can stand toe to toe  with any major Studio and hold their own. This year at the Cannes film festival Millennium films under the leadership of Legendary Action Film Producer Avi Lerner announced it’s slate of film all franchises from Expendables 4 , Rambo 5 , Angel Has Fallen, Hellboy , The Hitman’s bodyguard Sequel Millennium boasts of one of the most impressive slates for the coming year.

We sat down with the newly appointed  Dynamic president Jonthan Yunger who has risen from the ranks of a PA to being president  in just 8 years to have an exclusive chat on all these monster franchises and what stages they are on, we  along with knowing what ticks they to producing predominantly action films.

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NS: How did you get started in the movie business?

I wanted to be in the movie business since I was 4-years-old. As a kid, I was always performing, watching movies over and over again. I moved to LA about 81/2 years ago.  After studying acting, film-making, just bouncing around the world, so I found myself. I started as an actor when I first moved to LA where I met Jeffrey. He got into sales, and he hired me as an assistant. Its interesting  The way l learned the business. Every day  after 7pm I would go through Avi’s  emails for the day. He’d smokes his cigar and I would sit in his chair and I would type  his emails reply’s as he would dictate it to me. That’s how I got to learning the business. Soon I got an award as one of the top ten assistants at the Future Leaders Hollywood awards. Later, I go promoted into casting, then to sales and now I am the co-presidents of Millennium.

NS: Wow, that’s an amazing journey, and you got to learn from the best. Tell me You’ve got an amazing list of films – HellBoy, Expendables 4, Rambo 5, Angel Has Fallen,  The Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard – what’s the status on each of these films?

They are all going forward. We are going to do Expendables next Spring. Before that we are shooting a movie called High Value Target. Then shooting Rambo in this Fall. The Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguards we will film in March. Angel Has Fallen and Hellboy status is that we are in post-production.

NS: Millennium is known for making action films predominantly, what drives you to make in this genre? Is it because it’s easier to sell at festivals and get better presales?

Absolutely and  I got one line for you: You don’t have to use a subtitle for an explosion.

NS: Are you getting into the Original programming for OTT platforms like Netflix and Amazon?

Those are our clients. A lot of our movies are on Netflix. We sold to Amazon and it’s a platform worth exploring, there are a lot of eyeballs on them. We use the platforms all the time, they are very important. We make smaller films that go directly to digital content. They are also using our facilities like our studios.

NS: Are you still working on the pre-sale model? And how much do you cover in terms of Budget internationally?

Yes of course we do.  We would like to cover 100% but the market changes every single day but we do cover a large amount .

NS: You’ve attended so many film festivals and other international Cinema events. In your experience, does action sell the best?

Action films are still very strong, but it cannot just be senseless action anymore.   If you’re making an action film, the action should be justified, that said Our bread and butter is the action franchise and we have six of them.

NS: What is it like working with the chairman Mr. Avi Lerner?

He is not a Hollywood personality. He is an Israeli like me. We don’t run a corporate environment, he is very collaborative which is great because you can talk to him and he understands the business better than anyone I’ve ever seen in my life. He can just look at something and immediately tell you what’s wrong with it. His gut instinct is unbelievable. I’m lucky to have him as a mentor.

NS: Have you watched any Bollywood films?

A few here and there but not full ones. Some of the action is way far-fetched .  I like the concept, larger than life. It’s fun to see those types of scenes at times.

NS: Any message for our audience?

Thank you for your support and all the people who watch action films, keen watching and getting entertained

We at wish Mr. Yunger all the best with all his ventures.






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