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Review of Venom

Venom the great nemesis of Spiderman has finally hit screens in his first standalone film. Many people Wondered if the Anti Hero actually deserved a stand alone film as he was only seen once before In spider man 3 that was portrayed by Topher Grace and that was well over 14 years ago.

Many people felt that the Character didn’t have enough juice to have it’s own standalone film were they right let’s find out.

While exploring space for new habitable worlds, a space probe belonging to bioengineering corporation Life Foundation discovers four symbiotic lifeforms and brings them back to Earth. One escapes in transit, causing the ship to crash in Malaysia, but the Life Foundation recovers the other three and transports them to their research facility in San Francisco.

Its CEO, Carlton Drake,( Riz Ahmad) becomes obsessed with bonding symbiotes to humans to prepare humanity for Earth’s inevitable ecological collapse, and begins illegally experimenting on vagrants, resulting in numerous deaths – including one of the remaining symbiotes .

IN enters Star investigating Journalist Eddie Brock ( Tom Hardy) Eddie’s next assignment is an interview with Drake on his space program , however Eddie is warned only to talk about the program and nothing else.

Eddie being Eddie decides to confront Drake on allegations of human testing that happen in Drake labs. The next thing Eddie loses everything he has, his work , his house even his love.  The story jumps 6 months later to a Shattered Eddie who’s finding ways to make ends meet. Just then enters the Right hand of Drake who tells Eddie she can get him into the facility and get Eddie the proof he needs to nail Drake.

Eddie enters the lab and while gathering evidence he comes across a friend of his who is also one of the victims of Drake’s test.  Eddie attempts to rescue her, but Donna attacks him and the symbiote possessing her transfers from her body to his, killing her in the process. Brock manages to escape, but soon begins displaying strange symptoms.

Eddie seems to be the perfect host for the Symbiote known as Venom , Drake see’s Eddie’s enhancement and knows that Human’s do have a chance to survive . However soon the Missing Symbiote finds it’s way back to Drake and takes over Drake too.

What is it the the Symbiote Actually want , Can Eddie control Venom and will he be able to stop Drake in what he is planning to do.  Makes for the rest of the film.

Written by Scott Rosenberg and Kelly Marsel Venom takes too long to set up , while interesting in parts SuperHero Action films need to either set up real fast or have a lot of entertainment to hold the Audiences ( for  E.G Iron Man 1 ) . Nearly 40 minute’s into the film is where it begins to pop and that is a huge draw back. Saying that when the movie picks up momentum it flies.

Director Ruben Fleischer’s direction is ordinary and doesn’t leave you with one great moment . Considering he’s directed films like zombie land one would have expected him to deliver a more entertaining film.

Of the Actors Tom Hardy aka Eddie Brock AKA Venom makes an Ernest attempt to make the best of what he is given , however even he’s limited for choices of performance in the film . British actor Riz Ahmad who’s a power house of talent doesn’t pop in any scene and that really takes away making the action non engaging.

Michelle Williams who plays Eddie’s love Anne is just about ok , When we compare to a Lois Lane , MJ , Pepper Pots Anne doesn’t do anything.

Coming to the Action Spiro Razatos put together a very interesting team including fight choreographer Tim Conally who does  good Job with his limited chances.  The Action sequence especially the chase is really the highlight of the film.

The VFX are fun but again pop too late in the film.

On the whole Venom is a decent watch, but honestly it had the potential to be amazing . The Character played by Topher Grace was far more fun and entertaining and that worked well. This Character is too Dark and lacks any sort of Dept or entertainment which is extremely important in a Super Hero Flick.

Had they stuck to the Iron Man template the film and Character would have been a real asset to the MCU that is coming together in more ways than one.

On August first trend track had predicted a 65 plus million first frame and the film is well on course , as all the trailer Rated a Strong A and that did the trick for them.

We at amdb.in wish the entire team all the very best.

Review Score- B+ 







Disclaimer- The reviewer is well respected as an Action connoisseur in global action communities. Amdb (Action movie Data Base) is a site solely designed to review and promote “only” action Films. The reviewer has served as an action consultant to many Action films. He is graduate in advance screen writing. And Above all he know’s what the F he’s talking about.

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