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Box Office Update of Aquaman

We were the first to say it , as per our long range tracking dating over 3 months ago that Aquaman was well on it’s way to a 90 million first frame domestic and guess what it is all set to do just that.

The film is all set to open to previews tomorrow evening and is looking to bring in any where between 11 to 13 million on it’s 3500 screen release.

The buzz on the film is tremendous at the reviews and China’s performance has made the cine goers extremely excited to watch the film.

Since the weekend extends to a 5 day total it is easy to say that the film could well touch a 150 million in it’s extended weekend .

However keeping in mind that 24th and 25th most of America like to spend time at home since it’s Christmas eve and Christmas Day the numbers might take a small hit.

The film has performed extremely well in China with almost a 200 million dollars coming in since it’s release . In Mexico too its pulled in over 10 million dollars , Indonesia is 2.3 million dollars, Brazil is 8 million dollars, India is 3.8 Million , Taiwan is 1.4 million dollars , Russia is  7.5 million Dollars ,  Thailand is 8,00,000 Dollars, Philippines is 1.2 million dollars . Malaysia and the United Arab Emirates are in the 2 million dollar range respectively the united kingdom is also in the 7 million dollar range.

In it’s first and second role out of 31 territories the film has pulled in close to 300 million one can easily expect another 100 million coming from the first and second role out.

In it’s third roll out the film will open in key territories like France , South Korea, Canada and Germany along with 14 others excluding United States which is the domestic territory.  The film should easily pull in 70 million from it’s third roll out and a 90 million domestic.

The film is well on course to doing 800 million world wide  , and with the word of mouth going around would well become the highest grossing film in the Dc universe topping batman Vs superman which did 873 million.

We at amdb.in wish the entire team all the very best






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