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Trailer of Spiderman Far from Home.

Spiderman far from home is a trailer eagerly awaited for. Since the events of Avengers infinity war there was a huge curiosity of what Spiderman Far from home will be.

Multiple Speculations were made as to what the plot will be Since the title was far from home one though the film will be set on Thanos’s planet. However now it’s clear that the film is set in Europe.

The trailer has Spiderman trying to live a normal life and decides he wants to take a trip to Europe without his Spiderman Suit. However trouble seems to follow him there too .

A elemental force is now creating havoc in Europe and all of a sudden in enters Nick Fury who tells Spiderman that he needs to team up with Mysterio ( jake Gyllinhall ) to take down the mystery Element.

The film once again brings back om Holland as Spiderman and introduces a potential new Character for Marvel in Mysterio.

The trailer answers a lot of questions on what one can expect in the Avenger end game, Is this a good thing or bad well a bit of both as  it’s given away the mystery of the return of Fury and all the people Thanos Killed with his finger snap , however what’s exciting is  how they all came back is what will make it an amazing watch.

The film is directed by John Watts who directed Spiderman  Home coming. The trailer has received a Solid B + and is currently looking at a 55 million first frame  which is alomst 45% ‘lesser than Home coming.

However this is the first teaser and a lot can change from now till trailer 2.

Set to hit theaters in July.

We at amdb,in wish the entire team all the very best.






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