Trailer of Japanese Film The Great War of Archimedes

Japanese Action films has always been around the Samurai or the Ninja as the country has one of the oldest histories and cultures.

However the country has been through Many Wars and adversities and now they are show casing them in through movies like The Great War of  Archimedes.

Set in the 1930’s, the headquarters of the Imperial Japanese Navy sets out to build the world’s biggest battleship Yamato. Rear Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto is opposed to that plan.

Isoroku Yamamoto attracts Tadashi Kai (Masaki Suda) who is a genius mathematician. Tadashi Kai discovers discrepancies related to the estimated cost to build the battleship. He tries to uncover a conspiracy in the military.

Directed by the Legendary film maker Takashi Yamazaki the film is written by Norifusa Mita (manga).

The film has received 200 trend tracks with a Solid B + score.

The film stars  Masaki Suda , Hiroshi Tachi , Minami Hamabe and Tasuku Emoto .

Set to hit theaters on 26th July 2019 .

We at wish the entire team all the very best.


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