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Ryan Gosling all Set to Star in Wolfman for Universal

In the race for setting up Cinematic Universe Mavel and Dc were the front runners. However Universal that has a massive Library of Grey Characters decided to launch there owe Cinematic Universe called Dark Verse.

The first film was the remake of the Mummy with Tom Cruise and the hyped film didn’t go down too well with the fans.

Though it still made 400 million plus world wide , the film was made on a mammoth budget of almost 150 million dollars and was barely a break  even.

The Universe’s plans of expansion were scrapped as the Dr J and mr. Hyde film didn’t get made , however the Studio heads have decided to not give up on the universe and give it a re start and has brought on heavy duty names.

Ryan Gosling  the twice winning academy award actor is all set to hop on to the reboot of the Wolfman , though a director is not attached yet Netflix writers Lauren Schuker Blum and Rebecca Angelo have been brought on to write the script

Universal has an extensive action slate and are progressing with full force towards rebuilding their Dark Slate. They have Elizabeth Banks’ Invisible Woman, which comes after Elisabeth Moss’ successful turn in The Invisible Man, Paul Feig’s Dark Army, Dexter Fletcher’s Renfield, and Karyn Kusama’s Dracula

The 2010 Wolfman Starred Benecio  Del Toro significantly under performed with 142 million world wide on a 150 million dollar film, however one hopes for more with what gosling has to offer.

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