Breaking- Jake Gyllenhaal and Extraction Director all set to come together for Combat Control

Extraction has  been one of the biggest hits on Netflix , the streaming Giants have decided to go ahead with the Sequel and work in on full swing , however Director Sam Hargrave has decided to move on to his next while Extraction 2 comes along.

Sam Hargrave is all set to collaborate with Jake Gyllenhaal on Combat Control. Combat Control is  based on the true story of Air Force CCT Chapman ( Gyllenhaal), who died in battle on March 4, 2002 in Afghanistan. Following his death, no one imagined it would take over a decade for the truth of what really happened on that snowy mountainside to emerge.

Many years later, Air Force Captain Cora Alexander is tasked with the nearly impossible job of investigating whether Chapman is a worthy recipient of the medal, despite no eyewitnesses to his actions and the top-secret world surrounding clandestine operations.

Alexander has to uncover the truth, and in revealing Chapman’s sacrifice to the world, she forges her own path to self-forgiveness and personal redemption.

The film will be distributed by MGM , who has of late Ramped up their Action Slate , as No time to die is all set to release.  The film is produced by Hargrave along with Gyllenhaal Executive producing.

Gyllenhaal is no stranger to Action, he’s been seen in the gritty Actioner South Paw ,along with the fantasy Actioner Prince of Persia , Currently he’s working on Guilty the reunites him with Antoine Fuqua and is building his Action Chops on Michael Bay’s  Ambulance.

The News is extremely Exciting , keep reading this space for more info.

We at wish the entire team all the very best.









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