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Trailer of The Expendables 4

The Expendables was the franchise that Gave Sylvester Stallone his new lease of Action Stardom. Stallone Along with Maverick Producer Avi lerner brought together all the yesteryear Action Heroes to bring together an 80’s Action extravaganza that turned out to be extremely successful . The franchise that Span’s across 3 …

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Maggie Q stars opposite Samuel L Jackson & Michael Keaton in Martin Cambell’s “Protege”

Samuel L. Jackson starrer, “The Protégé” will hit theatres on 20th  August, Lionsgate announced recently. The studio also announced release dates for Jennifer Lopez’s romantic comedy with Josh Duhamel, Wedding Shotgun (29th June 2022), and White Bird: A Wonder Story (16th September 2022). Previously titled The Asset, The Protege follows …

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Trailer of Nobody

This morning is all about the 87 Eleven boys, We just broke the news of Chad Stehelski producing Lush with lionsgate and here is the Trailer of Nobody produced by David Lietch Nobody Stars Bob Odenkirk as Hutch Mansell who is a mild mannered family man with no regards to violence …

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Trailer of Honest Thief.

We had informed our readers that honest thief was one of the hottest and fastest selling films at 2018 Cannes film festival . It Sold Global at it’s ” ASK” price. However due to the ongoing Covid Pandemic the film was delayed, not for too long though. Here is the …

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