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Review of Venom

Venom the great nemesis of Spiderman has finally hit screens in his first standalone film. Many people Wondered if the Anti Hero actually deserved a stand alone film as he was only seen once before In spider man 3 that was portrayed by Topher Grace and that was well over …

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Trailer 2 of Venom

The second trailer of Venom has released . The nemesis of Spyderman Venom was seen briefly in Spiderman 3. However Sony decided to make a feature film on this mysterious Character that was created by  David Michelinie and Todd McFarlane. Directed by Rubin Felischer Venom tells the tale of  Eddie Brock …

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Trailer of Venom

Sony has a new Leadership and under the near leadership of Anthony Vinciquirra the new leadership has taken the studio to new Heights. With the success of Jumanji and Spiderman home coming and with the recently released Equalizer Trailer testing through the roof  the studio is on a massive high …

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