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Trailer 2 of Tenet

Christopher Nolan is back with his next action thriller Tenet . The film was all supposed to hit the theaters early in the  year but with the on going Pandemic the film had to move it’s release date. Now the Studio behind Nolan’s Mater piece has released their second trailer …

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Trailer of Tenet

Christopher Nolan is back with his next  Tenet which he says is his most ambitious film till date the trailer is out does it live up to the hype lets find out. The film tells the story of an Agent who’s brought back to life to prevent world war 3. …

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James Wan: The Chosen One to Direct Aquaman

It’s always a tough choice when selecting directors for a big block-buster film.  There are huge budgets, and the story must lead into the next franchise. After much ado, the man for the job is James Wan, why him? Here’s what Toby Emmerich, film chairman at Warner Bros., says about choosing …

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