Kraven the hunter finds a new addition to their cast.

Kraven the hunter finds a new addition to their cast.

Kraven the hunter is an iconic character in Marvel cinematic Universe and seeing the success of Spider man and Venom Sony is wasting no time in building their own cinematic universe.

Starring g Aaron Taylor-Johnson in the title role Kraven the Hunter has added a young talent to it’s list of actors.

Levi Miller is all set to join the cast of kraven the hunter. Miller who’s known for  work as pan will be playing an integral  part in the film.

Kraven is among Marvel’s most iconic and notorious antiheroes. He has encountered Venom, Black Panther and many others as well as being one of Spider-Man’s best-known and most-formidable enemies.

It’s interesting how Sony is taking all the Anti heroes and making them Heroes like with Venom and Morbious but doing well and having their own fan following Kraven too has the potencial to make it’s own place…

Kraven the hunter first appeared in the amazing spider man in the year 1964

The son of Russian aristocrats, Sergei Kravinoff was orphaned following his parents’ deaths. He was haunted by images of the squalid, spider-infested asylum his mother was remanded in. Sergei survived thanks to his wits and cunning, and discovered his hunting prowess in Africa.

During his stay in Africa, he stole an herbal potion that enhanced his physical abilities, such as strength, speed, and agility. and decelerated his aging process. Bored with hunting large game, and arriving in New York City after an invitation from Chameleon, Kraven set his sights on the the web-slinging Spider-Man, in order to restore honor to the Kravinoff family name

The film is all set to hit theaters in January 2023.

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