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The Long Awaited trailer of Hunter Killer has finally arrived .  Gerard Butler who’s still one of the baddest action hero’s of H Land showcases a different side of his in Hunter Killer.

Based on the Novel Firing point by Don Kieth Hunter Killer is the story of a A rogue Russian admiral who has begun a plot to bring the planet to the brink of World War III, all so he can reunite the Soviet Union.

Now, it is up to a U.S. Navy submarine, its untested captain, and a Navy SEAL team to rescue the Russian  president, avenge the deaths of American sub sailors and avert the conflagration and make sure the world doesn’t spin in Chaos.

South African Director Donovan Marsh makes his big break with Hunter Killer and has the best action film producers to back his vision.

Millennium film owned by legendary action film producer Avi lerner pairs up with another legendary action film producer Niel H Moritz. Moritz is best known for producing the Fast and the Furious Series under his banner Original Films. Other films produced by Moritz is XXX , Swat and I am legend .

Hunter Killer Stars Gerard Butler, and Co Stars the very talented Gary Oldman.

The trailer has received 1900 trend tracks with most conversations emerging from the United States and South Korea and Russia.  The trailer has received a solid B+  and the film is on course to a 11 million first frame domestic.

Set to hit theaters in October .

We at wish the entire team all the very best.




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