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Ghost in A shell Review.

Based on a Japanese Animation Comic in the Manga Series. Ghost in A shell is a well known IP in Japan. The Film is a co production between Dream Works and Shanghai Film corporation. The project has been in the news for a long time and for multiple reasons. Firstly Scarlet Johanson took well over a year to finally give the nod for the film. Secondly There was a huge controversy over the main character as in the novel the character was a Japanese women, and in the film Johanson Essays the Character. All in all the film has a huge awareness about it. So was the Wait worth it. Lets Find out.

In the near future, the vast majority of humans are augmented with cybernetics, enhancing various traits like vision, strength, and intelligence. Hanka Robotics, the world’s leading developer of augmentative technology, establishes a secret project to develop a mechanical body, or “shell”, that can integrate a human brain rather than an AI. A young woman named Mira Killian, who is the sole survivor of the cyberterrorist attack which killed her parents, is chosen as the test subject after her body is apparently damaged beyond repair. Over the objections of her designer, Dr. Ouelet, Hanka CEO Cutter decides to use Killian as a counter-terrorism operative.    However their is a person who is killing everyone senior related to Hanka. Who is this person and what is his enmity with hanka. On the other side Mira keeps getting visions of her past, something she has not seen before Mira aka Major sets out with her team to find this killer ,  and also discover her new identity.

To Start with Ghost in a Shell ‘s trailer impressed and that’s actually how far it goes in impressing. Directed by Rupert Sander’s of Snow white and the Huntsman the film is highly outdated on every level. Total Recall that was made 5 years ago is technically A far more Superior Film that Ghost in A shell. The visual effects are at best average and one can clearly see that the film has not been shot in Native 3D , it’s been converted and the 3D effects are pathetic.

The Screenplay by Jamie Moss and Ehren Kruger is actually “paced like a snail” not a single scene is impressive and the film tirelessly continues to a predictable ending. Jamie Moss has never impressed me but i am extremely let down by Ehren Kruger who’s work i loved in Tranformers Dark Side of the Moon. The writing is not impressive and is one of the biggest let downs of the film. “One of”

Glen Suters who i have great respect for and who impressed a lot in Mad Max Fury road seems totally disinterested in this film. Nothing of the Action impresses even for a second, not a single contest draws you in it’s world. The Fight Choreography by Tim Wong is boring as hell. For an Action film to have such shoddy Action is a major let down.

Rupert Sanders Fails to impress , his direction lacks direction. A great director can take an average script and make it special. Sanders fails to make an engaging film.

Of the Performances Scarlett Johanson is the whole show, but sadly i think she lost interest in the boring fair. She keeps going back to her Lucy performance and i don’t blame her. The director could not bring anything form her performance. Everyone in the film is Strictly average.

ON the whole GIAS could easily be the biggest let down of the Summer.

We at amdb.in wish the entire team all the very best.

Review Score- C 






Disclaimer- The reviewer is well respected as an Action connoisseur in global action communities. Amdb (Action movie Data Base) is a site solely designed to review and promote “only” action Films. The reviewer has served as an action consultant to many Action films. He is graduate in advance screen writing. And Above all he know’s what the F he’s talking about.

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