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Box office update of Saamy Square, Mission Impossible 6,The Equalizer 2

The reason we are reporting the Numbers of Saamy Square today and not on Monday has been because it was extremely difficult to compile net numbers . Usually the final number reported in All Hindi speaking states in India are net numbers, however the definition of net does not include  …

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Trailer of Sammy 2

The reason we are launching the trailer of Saamy 2 today almost a month after the release of the trailer launch is because are Data Analytics of South India was under performing , however seeing the latest footfall we are lad to report to you that we are adding 2 …

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Trailer Of Tamil Film Tik Tik Tik

Action SIFI is a genre that’s rarely been exploited in India  and space expedition never. However we have our very first Space flick directed by Shakti Sounder Rajan titled Tik Tik Tik. The film looks heavily inspired from Armageddon , however a meteoroid hitting earth comes under the fair use …

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