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Maggie Q stars opposite Samuel L Jackson & Michael Keaton in Martin Cambell’s “Protege”

Samuel L. Jackson starrer, “The Protégé” will hit theatres on 20th  August, Lionsgate announced recently. The studio also announced release dates for Jennifer Lopez’s romantic comedy with Josh Duhamel, Wedding Shotgun (29th June 2022), and White Bird: A Wonder Story (16th September 2022). Previously titled The Asset, The Protege follows …

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Snake eyes trailer

Every fighter has an origin. Experience the NEW trailer for SnakeEyes starring Henry Golding. Discover the confidential origin tale only in theatres July 23. Snake Eyes: G.I. Joe Origins features Henry Golding as Snake Eyes, a steadfast outsider who is embraced by the Arashikage, an archaic Japanese clan, after rescuing …

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Trailer of Line of Duty.

Aaron Eckhart has done his fair share of Action films, from Batman to Olympus has fallen and Angel has fallen he’s always been the guy protected. However this time something new is happening, Eckhart is on the giving end of the Action inn Line of Duty. Aaron Eckhart stars as …

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