Interviews of movie stars

Interview with Director Roel Reine

Director Roel Reine Specializes in making Action movies in budget and makes them quick. The Dutch born film maker has specialized in making Sequels like Death Race 2, The Condemned 2 , 12 Rounds 2  The Scorpion King 2 and Hard Target 2. Roel has recently completed his war epic …

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Interview with Sarik Andreasyan

Russia Has been making Major Head Headway to cement it’s position as A Bankable Box Office Country for Both Local ans international Films. The new trend in the cinematic headway shows that Soon Russian Cinema will be on Par with Any film coming out of the Capital world Cinema Hollywood. …

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Exclusive Interview John Abraham

It was a warm and sunny day as I entered the ground floor of the plush and tastefully furnished office of the talented Bollywood superstar, John Abraham. I really didn’t know what to expect. I was meeting a fellow action aficionado, but he is also a highly successful actor with …

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