AMDB wishes Action Super Star Suniel Shetty A very happy birthday.

The Year was 1992 the film industry was going through a lean phase every actor was over exposed doing multiple films , the action Heroes then were working with the same Action Directors and one could not tell one film from another , The Action Industry needed a new star and boy did they get it.

A south Mumbai Hotelier Suniel Shetty happened to meet renounced photographer J P Singhal , when Singhal Saw Shetty , Shetty didn’t fit the conventional bollywood hero’s of that time . Singhal asked him to remove his Shirt and was mighty impressed with Shetty’s physique .

The picture’s went viral in the industry and that got Suniel Shetty his first break BALWAAN.  The film put him on the map. Though he was panned for his acting Chops what he didn’t make in the skill of acting he made with the skill of Action.

Suniel Shetty became the go to guy for all Action films and a new Action Star was born. Some of his film became big hits , some average but all his action film had a solid fan following. Below we mention 5 of his iconic Action films and Action Sequences from them.

Balwaan-  The first time we see a Grown Suniel Shetty he leaps off a bridge to save a girl from a bunch of goons. Thought not the best choreography Suniel Shetty proved that he had one punch knockout conviction(OPKOC) his phyiscal attributes added to it.

Mohra- Suniel Shetty plays a rightious convict who’s freed from prison to eradicate evil. The film had him co starring with another Action Star Akshay Kumar. The film had plenty of combat sequences however the most memorable was when Suniel Shetty and Akshay kumar went all out . The CCC ( Close combat Choreography ) has the 2 stars going mano a mano where Suniel shetty clearly proves to have the upper hand purely with his attitude and conviction.

Shastra- Suniel Shetty plays a man in search for  answers for his parent s death. Again tons of Sequences however The climax gun fight that takes place in the water park was quite a highlight for it’s time.

Krishna- Set around the underworld the film has many sequences however the one that truly stands out is a car chase where Suniel Shetty is trying to convince his girlfriend her life is in danger. A one particular place he runs over an ambassador while holding on to his girlfriends car. It’s a tight shot and one can see he’s done it in a day when harnesses and wires were words no one knew existed.

Rakshak- Suneil Shetty plays Asst. Superintendent of Police, Raj Sinha  who loses his wife and mother to the head of a crime Syndicate what follows is revenge. Again plenty of sequences here but what stands out is a gun fight between Suniel shetty and a fellow police man and another where a tough guy is trying to chock out Suniel Shetty just before he’s about to pass out he remembers their deaths he back head butt’s the guy . The shot is repeated 3 times cause of the intensity.

The last film we saw of his was A gentleman where he was playing the antagonist. The film didn’t fare well but we are quite sure had he done Action in it it would have performed better than it did. The inventor of the spinning back fist , he has had an immense contribution to the Action Cinema of India.

We wish you Suniel Sir Action Superstar a very happy birthday and pray to see you in an Action film very very soon.

We at wish you all the very best.


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