Martin Campbell makes Liam Neeson ‘lose it’


After Guy Pearce losing his memory in Memento, it’s now Liam Neesons chance to be the forgetful hitman in Martin Campbells upcoming crime thriller from Black Bear Pictures: “Memory”. After directing franchises like James Bond, Green Lantern and Zorro, the New Zealand Native is set to direct a different type of hero: An assassin with Alzheimer’s, escaping the FBI and a criminal organisation. Alongside Peirce & Neeson is Italian actress Monica Belluci (Spectre, Tears of the sun), who plays Davana Sealman, a local Tech mogul.

Accompanying this lineup on set in Bulgaria, where the film is being shot, is Taj Atwal (Line of duty), Ray Fearon (The foreigner) & Harold Torres (ZeroZeroZero,  Sin Nombre).

The scriptwriter, Dario Scardapane, adapted the story from the Belgian flick “Memory of a killer” (directed by Erik Van Looy) and the book “De zaak Alzheimer” by Jef Geeraerts.

The story revolves around Alex Lewis, a professional hit man with a repute for inconspicuous yet thorough hits. However, when Alex doesn’t go all the way through with a contract for a treacherous crime syndicate, he gets a target on his back and is forced to make his hunters the hunted. As one can only imagine, this leaves a trail of bodies that requires a joint mission between the FBI & Mexican Intelligence. Agents Linda Amistead (Atwal) & Vincent Serra (Pearce), of the FBI , and Hugo Marquez (Torres), of Mexican intelligence, are tasked to pull the plug on this bloodbath. While they’re getting closer to Alex, they however also manage to piss-off a tech tycoon, Davana Sealman. In a situation such as this, with the criminal organisation and FBI on his tail, Alex would normally be one step ahead of everyone; except this time, he is battling with acute memory failure, which has detrimental effects on his abilities. As his memory becomes more hazy, and adversaries draw near, Alex starts to doubt every move of his, and wonders who he can finally believe.


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