John wick 2 to only be directed by Chad Stahelski

Sequel to John wick all set to roll. So john wick was the sleeper hit that refueled the fading career of Keanu Reeves . Made on a modest budget of 20 million USD the film grossed over 65 Million world wide and created a cult following between the Action lovers. Speculations of a John wick 2 were on for some time and till all speculations were put to rest. John Wick 2 was officially on. Keano Reeves was back to killing people and photos of him training at the 87 eleven gym were see. Now here comes another breaking news the direction due of David Leitch and Chad Stahelski will not be directing the sequel, together infact only Chad Stahelski would be wielding the microphone wile David will serve as Executive producer� what prompted this decision we will never know but it comes as a shocker.

We at wish the entire team all the very best .

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