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Review of Force 2

John Abraham is a legit Bad Ass, he’s tall and strong and extremely Muscular. One look at him and you know his punch can cause serious damage to anyone. He’s Gained the reputation of being a monster Action Star and has been universally accepted as it. He returns with his next Actioner FORCE 2. Will he cause damage at the box office let’s find out.

Force take off from it’s prequel where John who essay’s ACP Yash returns to his Job a broken man after the death of his wife. Yash is on a suicide mission and puts himself in any situation to get killed. However Luck and his destiny has different things planned for him. One day he ‘s watching the news lost in his thoughts when his ears Stand on hearing his friends name on TV , A journalist reports the death of his friend in China his friend a Raw Agent happened to Send Yash a Book in which he map’s out some codes , when Yash De code’s it he realizes there is more to his friends death than just a mere coincidence . What was the Clue that his friend gave him, who is exposing the RAW agents and what is his motive,  will Yash be able to stop him makes for the rest of the film.

To start with Force 2’s biggest winner is the running time , it’s a tad below 2 hours and the film flies through. The screenplay is pacey and keeps you locked in the world of Force 2. Abhinay Deo the director of the film manages to extract the pace of the film ,  however he fails to capitalize on the emotional connect. Though being an advertising film director , he doesn’t display any exceptional Shot taking.

The action of the film is co ordinated by Franz Spilhaus of South Africa. Franz  has worked earlier with one of the producer’s Vipul Shah on another film of his. The action shine’s in places but that’s only because of John’s screen presence that manages to pull it off. The climax fight that’s inspired from Call of Duty works in places. Franz is a good coordinator needs to finesse him self with certain aspects of Choreography. Also John got injured during a scene and that’s something that should never ever happen. Not the best sign for a coordinator

As for the actor’s, John is on top of him game  he’s truly found his calling and with each film the fluidity of his movement is improving . He’s a rare talent when it comes to the genre and with his brooding looks and attitude filled eyes he reminds of a young Sly Stallone . It he Sticks to the genre there is no stopping him to become the biggest.  Sonakshi Sinha has mastered her kicks and has made it her trade mark move, She’s flexible and pulls off kicks with finesse.  Way to go girl . Tahir Bashir the new entry does show promise but needs to spend time to develop his genre.

On the whole Force 2 is a fun watch, while one might find the characters a tad under developed , the pace of the film will not let you think on it. It’s the best watch of the week and one must go catch this Thriller in the theaters.

We at amdb.in wish the entire team all the very best

Review Score- B+









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