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Disha Patani is the name the Indian Film Industry has been singing for a while. The Pretty Young Model turned Actor has been in the news of late for her upcoming Chinese Film with a bit of Indian Spice called Kung Fu Yoga, in which she reprises the role of a princess.

We hadn’t met her before and were not sure what to expect as we knew very little of her. But when We did meet her, we were very happy to find a vivacious, confident, beautiful and intelligent young women who is taking her first few steps to super stardom.   We had a pleasant chat with her. Here are some of the experts from our conversation.


So tell me a little bit about yourself Disha?

I am originally from Uttarakhand, I did my Schooling in Bareilly. Then I spent  1 year in Lucknow studying Bio-tech.I come from a Defence background my Dad Is a cop posted in Bareilly. My sister is in the army. After my 2nd year I came to Mumbai and got into modelling. I was studying and modelling, the up and downs were quite a bit So after I got more offers i felt I needed to focus, on my modelling.  it’s been three years in Mumbai now.

How did you get the part in Kung Fu Yoga?

They got in touch with my agency, actually The producer wanted an action hero, but seeing what I can do, they changed it to an action heroine ( she smiles)

Was the Preparation hard for this part?

We didn’t prep a lot for it,   they would show me the sequences. I had to learn the action sequence pretty much there and then, they were impressed with my grasping skills.  It was challenging and at times Jackie Sir would insist  on  a body-double. But I convinced him that I could do it. And I did.

You had two other Indian Actors to give you Company, how was it having them on the sets?

It was a blessing. We were staying in China for 2 months, in the outskirts, not in the city. It was difficult as language is a barrier,  and besides shooting there’s nothing else do . A simple order of food would take a long time to complete and at times that would be wrong. Sonu is like an Elder brother, and he had a lot of Indian ready to eat goodies that me and Amyra would devour.

What was  your experience working with Grand master JackieChan?

Amazing! He is simply amazing from the first day, he made us feel like a part of the family.  I was  so happy that I couldn’t stop smiling, just being in the same frame with him was a dream come true. He is such a lovely person, he loves people and is friendly to every one even spot boys, light boys. He has a huge food truck and provided everything for anyone on set. He feels for everyone. He gets gifts for everyone.

Was he also Stunt coordinating?

He’s the stunt coordinator, though he has many assistants he is Very actively involved. He’s very impulsive He would come on set, and asks what’s going on, he would see the choreography then he would think and decide to change it for the better. He’s a big fan of props and anything can change into a weapon. He improvises all the time. It’s Awesome.

Stanley Tong is director, how was he to work with?

He is so calm and composed, Contrary to the kind of action films he makes. His dedication is unmatched, I remember in one underwater sequence, he was in the water for almost 16 hours , though we all got out from time to time, he was there constantly.

Did you use stunt double, if so who was it?

We didn’t have a specific person. JC has a team of amazing stunt men and women. I did all my stunts but at times we need to do repeats and it’s important for an actor to look fresh so the double would get in. The level of dedication and passion these people have is unmatched. Though I can’t pronounce their names, I would like to give a big shout out to the entire team of JC Stunt Team and thank them for their amazing contribution.

Will we see you do more action films in the future?

I just did a Master class in action So I will do more action for sure. As a youngster, I was a tomboy. I am more enthralled by action scenes then romantic scenes.

Any favourite action actor?

Jackie Chan, Tiger Shroff. These action guys are so hard-working and dedicated it’s amazing.

Any favourite Action film director or Action film?

My god there are so many. I want to do Avengers – even if it’s Hulk. I would love to do a female Hulk. Wonder Woman too is amazing.










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