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Master Jackie Chan and Stanley Tong have made a number of memorable films in the 90 tees . Jackie Chan is the man who put Chinese Cinema on the map post the Bruce Lee Era . Many Actors are raking in the success on the very foundation he built. He’s been an inspiration to generations and continues to be still in many other ways. His latest outing is the first in the baby steps towards a more profitable Indo Chinese Cinematic relationship. Will Kung Fu yoga be the bridge that will support a Strong and long lasting relationship, lets find out.

Jack ( Jackie Chan ) is a leading archaeologist in China. One Day a girl call Ashmita(Disha Patani) meet’s him with a destroyed map of the last spotted Indian army that houses the treasures of the Indian Empire. Ashmita along with her assistant Amyra Dastur and a whole bunch of youngsters set out to find the location of the lost army and treasure. However there is a catch , another man seems to be in pursuit of the treasure he is Randall ( Sonu Sood), he seems to know where Ashmita is and tracks her when she finds the lost army and the Jewels. A fight between Randall and Jack leads to Jack Ashmita and their respective crews getting tied up left to die. However Ashmita who knows the Art of Yoga and controlled breathing finds a way out, she and Jack swim to safety with jack barely making it. From Here on Jack along with his crew and Ashmita along with her assistant now have to find Randall and the diamond that holds the mysterious secret. Who is Ashmita , what is her true identity and what secret does the diamond hold.

The film tries to capture the essence of two countries and to some level goes into a stereotypical space, however that being said . I do understand where the thinking is coming from. The Director and the writers want to portray India in the way it is perceived Globally , that being Said that perception changed ten years ago. Had they done a bit more research they could have projected the characters better.

The Visual Effects of the film are average at best, though certain matt paintings are good, by and large the effects don’t work Especially the Animal Animation in the car and the climax recreation too. The opening animation looks two dimensional, not what one expects on a big budget movie.

The biggest let down is the English dub, especially of Mr. Chan, lot’s of dialogues get lost in translation and that pulls you away from the story.

Coming to the action, Jackie Chan is a master of long take action, he’s as good as always, age doesn’t seem to have affected him one bit (touch wood)  Though there is nothing new in the action one doesn’t seem to care as Jackie Chan is a treat to watch always, though it’s repetitive as any other JC film I still enjoyed seeing him. The Wire Rigging is done very well, and one can barely make out that it’s been used. The Choreography is quick , and with smart aligning cuts it makes a good watch.  Of the Chinese / Hong Kong Cast who really impressed me was AArif Rahman who’s an Arab Malaysian. He looked good and had some decent moves, he executed his moves well with finesse. Of the Indian crew Disha Patani really stands out, she has excellent screen presence and is very athletic and agile she execute her stunts well and throws a punch with grace and style she’s surely one of the best things to look out for in the venture.  Sonu Sood is decent, however his make up is done extremely badly and seems to have made him 5 shades darker. Amyra Dastur makes for a cute sister who’s bubbly and chirpy. I don’t know if this was the best move for her to do this role, but she is decent and better than what she has been in any of her hindi movies.

Stanley Tong’s Direction is a dated, and clearly VFX is not his friend.

I have read a lot of reviews bashing Fung Fu yoga but trust me its not as bad as people are making it to be, they don’t know action and should not even review a film like this. Jackie Chan fans go to the halls and catch him and pretty Disha Patani . Though He might be old though he might be weak though he might not be in his prime still a lion is a lion and the rule applies to Master Jackie Chan too. The Lion of Martial Arts Cinema.

We at amdb.in wish the entire team all the very best.


Review Score- B+ 








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