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Spider-Man Home Coming is a HOME RUN

Just when you thought this was going to be the worst Summer of Hollywood, two of the least expected people have saved it. One, a Woman and the other, a friendly neighborhood Spider-Man.  Marvel’s latest release Spider-Man Home Coming is a home run in more ways than one can imagine.

Easily, the best Spider-Man to have been ever seen on Screen EVER.  The film takes off from where Captain America Civil War ended.  Tony Stark has seen a lot of spark in Peter Parker, however Peter still needs training and mentoring. Sadly his only contact with the Avengers is Tony’s Man Friday, Happy Hogan, who’s not to interact with Peter too much. From catching bicycle thieves, to helping old ladies cross the streets, Peter seems frustrated, typical of any teenager assigned with a tedious job. Every day he prays from some real action, and one fine day God answers when he confronts a group of thieves who are robbing an ATM. Peter follows them and is soon confronted by their boss, Vulture.

Who is Vulture? What does he want? How Peter deals with his new powers of being a teen super-hero and his mistakes. Eventually how he rises to the occasion makes the rest of the film.

Directed by Jon Watts and written by Jonathan Goldstein and John Frances Daley, the movie is a winner from the word go. The writers have written the perfect reboot a franchise could have got. It’s a coming-of-age story that is universal. The writing is extremely pacey and scenes flow like water. There are certain moments in the script that are so well written, that one forgets they are in a huper hero tent pole and feels they are watching a compelling motivational film. The humor is subtle, but the way it’s delivered will leave you in splits. A big thumbs up for both the writers.

Director Jon Watts (Cop Car) has directed this film brilliantly. some scenes are a master class in set ups. There’s not a single boring moment, and that’s the biggest accomplishment. Jon will be a regular feature in the MCU for sure.

Coming to the performances, the movie belongs to the best Spiderman ever seen on big screen . Tom Holland is as perfect as Spider-Man can be. His performance hypnotizes you. He’s adorable, yet tough,  innocent and of course, charismatic. His performance is nomination-worth seriously.  Micheal Keaton is a power-house and always delivers a phenomenal performance. Marisa Tomei as the young hot Aunt May, and is one of the best castings in the film. One could never imagine a hot Aunt May, but Marisa fits the picture beautifully. Robert Downey Jr has been with the Studio since the inception of the MCU and he has matured into the cinematic role with grace. The way he plays character, instantly shows you why he is the boss. A special mention for Parker’s friend, played by Jacob Batalon, he really adds dimension to Peter’s character.

The stunts by George Cottle are phenomenally executed, though super hero films rely on visual effects to a great extent. The amount of rigging that goes into these movies is something one cannot imagine.

On the whole Spider-Man Home Coming is on it’s way to break every single record set by a debut /reboot super-hero film and shall definitely find it’s way into the billion $ club.

We at amdb.in wish the entire team all the very best.

Review Score- A+ 




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