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The Hindi feature film Squad that marks the debut of Rinzing Denzongpa ( Son Of Actor Danny Denzongpa) released today on Zee 5 . The trailer comes had much hype does the film live up to the trailer lets find out.

Squad follows the Story of Bhim ( Denzongpa) a Commando in the Indian Tactical forces who post an incident abandoned the Armed forces and disappears.  The film picks up 3 years later when a girl child Mimi Banerjee who seems to be extremely important and who meets with an Accident shows up on the world raidar when an urgent requirement for blood group RH NULL has been sent via a coded message to someone.

The news of this requirement has bounced off 5 countries and then reached India . Special National Security Advisor Nandini Rajput has the task of putting together a Unit to bring Mimi back . She puts a team together which is lead once again by Bhim along with Aria a sniper ( Malvika raaj) Amit ( Amit gaur ) Addy ( tanisha Dhillon) Romeo ( Abdulla osman) and Girish ( Ashish Tyagi)   Bhim must counter his past in order to get retribution for his past doing. Who is mimi and Will he be able to save mimi and will he be able to save himself is what makes the film.

To Start with Squad is an extremely fast paced Actioner. The first hour doesn’t let you breath   . The story is engaging and the pace is zipping.  The film doesn’t have too many dialogues and sticks to Action to the most of it. The Second half Lags quite a bit and that affects the over all pace of the film but the climax Action picks up for the lag. The film is much in the space of GI Joe and Expendables.

Coming to the Actors Rinzing Denzonga reminds you of Arnold In Terminator , He has few expressions and Few dialogues but he lands it with conviction in time he will be going the arnold way . Malvika Raaj whom we have seen as the young Poo has made an impressive debut.  Another girl who Stands out is Tanisha Dhillon  who has made a impressive debut with Squad.

Coming to the Action The opening fight is very impressive Rinzing makes a smashing entry the fight is large and choreographed well. The climax Action seems bit rushed but the helicopter chase makes for it.

The film is Directed by Debutant director Nilesh Sahay who manages to pull off a big scale film which directors with 8 or 10 film Experiences do.

On the whole Squad is a fun watch , it’s no path breaking cinema however it’s a good onetime watch. Watch Squad on Zee 5 exclusievly.

Review Score- B+

3 and a half Stars





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