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Trailer Of Tomb Raider reboot

Angelina Jolie Career Changed when she decided to play the title Role of Lara Craft Tomb Raider way back in 2001. Jolie who no Studio wanted to work with or even touch with a Barge pole due to her addiction problem convinced the Studio head of Paramount that she would do a drug test every day just so she could play the part.

As luck would have it she managed to convince them and that’s what lead to her Start as a global Icon. In 2018 the same thing seems to be happening for Alicia Vikander . Though she’s been a part of Many movies and is very popular her popularity will see heights which she would not have imagined as she steps in Jolies Shoes as the new Tomb Raider.

GK films first aquired the rights to the film in 2011 and then brought on Norwegian director Roar Uthaug to direct the film . Warner brothers who are having an excellent year behind marvel are co producing and distributing the film in North America.

The Trailer Shows a young Lara Craft in Search of her father and that immediately seals the emotional bond with the audiences.  The Action looks extremely Sharp and well put together Mark Henson who’s worked on Shows like Strike Back has managed to put together a lovely team to execute Roar’s vision.

The Massive line of Female Protagonist Action Hero’s is slowly dominating the male line up. Usually women Oriented Subjects were always teen comedy’s , Romantic comedies or chick flicks but not anymore. With Atomic blonde and Women Women leading the path there’s no Stopping these Women  Who too have realized that their largest Target Audience are Fans of the Action genre

Shot in real Imax the film is a winner a massive winner for sure.

We at amdb.in wish the entire team all the very best.







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